Bag that French women would never have bought

We often discuss the style of French women: after all, it is impossible to resist its chic and ease. But how do the tastes of French residents affect their choice of bags - one of the main accessories of any wardrobe?

We have adopted the style of several French fashionistas and have revealed which bags you will never find in their wardrobe and which ones they wear all the time. It turned out that the French are not fans of too large bags. They most often choose mini handbags. In addition, in the selection of this accessory, they adhere to several key rules. The first is classic shades such as dark blue or those that can be found in nature - for example, terracotta or burnt orange. Too bright shades - no and no. Secondly, everything should be simple. Anything that looks too convoluted and deliberately elaborate, with too many details - does not fit.

If you want to borrow French style, follow these tips in choosing handbags.

Do not wear anything too frilly

“Perhaps you will never see me with an overly elegant handbag, studded with many rhinestones or details,” says fashion blogger Camille Charrier. “I believe that a simple tote bag of gorgeous, rich color (dark blue, terracotta, rusty) will always be the right piece to complete any outfit.

Leave the basket bags almost empty.

“I don’t like huge bags,” says social editor L'Officiel Paris
Sabina Sokol. I think the most sexy thing you can do with a bag is to show that you don’t need to carry your whole house (or bathroom ...) with you to be fully armed. That's why I'm a big fan of mini bags. Of course, there is an exception - basket bags. Although they are large, they add to the image of relaxation and ease. Life hacking from an insider: my shopping bag is almost always empty - I just carry my mini bag with the main things in it. ”

Avoid big bags

“I don't like bulky bags. The only big bags I carry are baskets for going to the beach or to the market, says blogger Ann-Lor Mays. - I prefer miniature vintage models with beautiful leather trim. This is what my dream bag should be. ”

Choose cross-body bags instead of backpacks

“Backpacks are everywhere now, but not in my closet,” says fashion blogger Sarah Neith. I think for me the backpack will remain only a practical attribute, and not an accessory, which I will buy to complement my image. I love the versatile small and medium bags of classic shapes and colors that I can wear across my chest, over my shoulder, or on my belt. ”