Why it is impossible to forget about you based on the signs of the zodiac



You brought them out of the comfort zone and, being near you, they felt that they were finally living an exciting and unpredictable life. You always challenged them to try something new and do something they didn’t do.


You have always had a strong sense of balance and trust in your life. When they experienced difficult times, you were always there to console them and become an authority for them. You have a calming effect on others, because they lack the feeling that everything will be fine until they meet you.


You have always been so unpredictable (usually in a good way). No one will ever miss you, because you have had such an exciting life experience. They miss how smooth and easy you felt in any situation, when they went somewhere with you, they knew that it would be an exciting adventure.


It was always so easy to talk to you: most of the time they didn’t even have to say anything, because you were so intuitive that you just always knew that something was wrong and why. They miss you because of how easily you comforted them, for how you could make them feel better.

a lion

You have always been so consistent: in your self-esteem, in your enthusiasm and in how you made them feel the delight of life. They miss your incredibly thoughtful gifts and the way you arrange each date, party or your free time, feeling unique and special.


You made them feel that they were doing something right. Since you have always been so focused, disciplined and put together, these qualities also began to affect them, and being close to them made them feel that they were finally doing the right things that mattered to them.


You find so much pleasure in the little things. You always bring such a contribution to what you did together. Whether it is a planned night in the city or a quiet evening at home. They really miss how you socialized, and how you did everything a hundred times more fun, just being who you are.


You never stopped being charming. Every day, when you were together, they felt that they were always discovering something new and interesting for you. They miss how atmospheric they felt next to you.


You made them feel so loved for who they are. You have a gift - a search for good in everything and in anyone, including them. They miss you because of the encouraging and optimistic view of the world. They lack someone who will cheer up, no matter what mood they are in.


They felt like they were the best version of themselves around you. You had such ambitions and such a desire that they could not but feel inspired by you. They miss the fact that there is a person in their life who challenged them to be better every day, always maintaining a (unique) sense of humor.


You never have a boring or uninteresting conversation with anyone. Your fascination with the world and your thirst for knowledge were some of their favorite things about you, and they really miss a person with whom they could learn and share interesting ideas. The man who really showed them that the world was much bigger than themselves.


You have a way to get people to look at themselves inwardly and make conscious efforts to better understand who they are. You never made them feel the pressure of the environment, but you always made them want to understand themselves. They miss your compassion and endless introspection.