12 zodiac pairs acting on each other's nerves


Aries and Pisces

Aries have no time at all to take care and worry about too emotional and vulnerable Pisces. In the understanding of Aries, Pisces is more likely to play the role of main lazy people rather than figures, constantly dwelling in dreams of a better life and not doing absolutely nothing to achieve it. A too long stay in the zone of their own comfort depresses Aries.

Taurus and Gemini

The twins are too unreliable in the eyes of Taurus. You are ready to spend a fair amount of time trying to make sure of your Twin partner, who does not intend to endure all your trials in order to earn recognition and trust. Twins for Taurus too superficial and contradictory. And their constant indecision sometimes deduce Taurus from themselves.

Gemini and Capricorn

The twins believe that Capricorns take everything too seriously, sometimes wondering at their sense of humor. Capricorns are too hardworking and boring for them. Therefore, they often forget to invite them to the party, believing that their pessimistic mood can break any fun.

Cancer and Sagittarius

Archers are independent: they do what they want, live where they want and do not express much concern for their partner. They are too irresponsible, tactless, and insensitive to their Cancer partners, who have already burned themselves and suffered from such behavior of Streltsov.

Leo and Virgo

The lions dislike the constant interrogations emanating from the Devs, who supposedly examine them under a microscope, assessing their every action. Virgin in the understanding of Lviv too strongly obsessed with perfectionism, which always causes a storm of indignation on the part of their partners, Lviv.

Virgo and Cancer

Virgos operate with facts that are authenticated while the Cancers focus only on their emotions. Cancers are painfully irritable and constantly complain about their feelings, which infuriates Dev. Virgos are used to planning ahead and being confident in the future, while the Cancers are too dependent on their mood.

Scales and Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of those signs of the zodiac that is unable to see what is happening on the other side. The archers are so focused on themselves that sometimes they don't even notice how beautiful their partner is. Scales rarely manage to insert even a word into a conversation, so they often have to conflict with their Sagittarius partners because of this. And that is what Libra does not tolerate the most.

Scorpio and Libra

Libra is a pathological liar who wants to do the right thing and protect his feelings, but the Scorpions do not accept it. In addition, the Scorpions are completely uncomfortable when Libra instantly changes his mind just to avoid trouble. According to Scorpions, Libra is extremely impulsive.

Sagittarius and the Lion

Sagittarius does not like the way the Lions always try to pull the blanket over themselves. Sagittarius is incredible and do not want to be a second violin for a second. They believe that the Lions are always too intolerant, arrogant and persistent in their opinions. Being with them in the same room, the Sagittarius is literally no place to go because of the overly exaggerated self-importance of Lviv.

Capricorn and Taurus

In a sense, Capricorns see themselves in Taurus: both of these zodiac signs are patient, decisive and always value safety above all. However, unlike Capricorns, Taurus does not differ thrifty at all, therefore they are ready to spend disparate money on the thing they like. In addition, Taurus is so stubborn that they will stand their ground to the last.

Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius is extremely worried about the narcissism of Aries, who are ready to make sacrifices just for their own benefit. They raised their vanity with dignity and expose their shortcomings as their main virtues. Aquarius is annoyed by the activities of Aries, who are always busy with one thing or another and do not know how to relax at all. They themselves are focused on an innovative approach, with which Aries are not at all familiar.

Fish and Scorpio

Fish are calm and easy by nature, so energetic Scorpios often get on their nerves. Why should every situation become so tense? Scorpios are obsessed with drama and always alarmed. In addition, their inherent deliberate sexuality does not fit in with the romantic manifestations of Pisces.