Smile: 9 makeup tricks that make your face photogenic

Like it or not, we live in a world where we take a lot of pictures. We are not always ready when we get into the camera lens (everyone has such a friend who clicks at the most inappropriate moment), or do not always know how good the lighting will be (why do fluorescent lamps exist at all?). But we can make our makeup always ready for the photo.

Below are nine tips that ensure that you will never look tired, pale or frazzled.

Make the look brighter

A clean look, without redness, simply can not fail. In fact, the clearer your eyes, the brighter your face will look. Therefore, before you begin to apply makeup, do not forget to drip into your eyes special drops against redness.

Prepare the skin

Fact: soft, moisturized skin is the ideal base for perfect makeup. What does it mean? This means that there will be no uneven lines and flakings on the skin; the tonalum will lie evenly and smoothly. Therefore, after washing, apply a moisturizing mask on your face, then apply a generous layer of your regular moisturizer and give it a few minutes to soak. If necessary, remove the excess with a napkin and only then proceed to make-up.

Make sure your tint is perfect for your skin.

The fact is that if your skin is too pale, you will look blurry, and if it is too dark, you will look untidy. Therefore, always check the tint at the chin line in natural light. As for the texture, you need something with a light or medium degree of coverage. And if your skin is prone to shine, after tonalnik apply transparent powder on the T-zone. And yes - we advise you to bypass the fashionable tonal tool with the effect of HD - they usually contain silicon dioxide and mica, which may be too reflective.

Do not overdo it with the use of concealer

We do not want to upset you, but a million layers of concealer will not hide the pimple from the camera and even vice versa - may attract more attention to this area. Therefore, apply only a small amount of concealer to the problem area (again, one that matches your skin tone) and forget about this area.

Use the highlighter strategically

What is the secret number one for photogenic skin? Highlighter. Beneficially highlight the face, causing a highlighter on the cheekbones, on the nose and in the inner corners of the eyes. Just do not overdo it with the amount of funds, as too much flicker may seem bold shine on the photos.

Black out your eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows - one of the key components of the perfect makeup. Choose a pencil or powder that is one shade darker than the natural color of your eyebrows (they look lighter in the photos) and use short, light strokes to fill the empty spaces between the hairs.

Make your eyes pop

If you want to stand out, forget about smoky eyes. Better put on eyelids nude shadows. Then apply a dark brown or black liner only on the outer third of the upper eyelids. To keep your eyes from looking smaller, do not put a pencil on the mucosa of the lower eyelid). Finish eye makeup by curling your eyelashes with a curler and adding two layers of mascara to make your eyes look wider and brighter.

Contour with rouge

Although contouring can actually make a face look thinner and more contoured, there is a high probability of making mistakes during contouring the face. A simpler (and more reliable) way to emphasize the cheeks is to apply blush on the cheeks, and then shade with the cheekbones.

Vote for red

Dark lipsticks may be super-trendy, but unfortunately they tend to make lips visually thinner. For more winning photos, choose a bright red color and add a little transparent gloss to the center of the lower lip so that it looks puffier.