Casual clothes in casual style: inexpensively replenish your wardrobe

Today in the fashion practicality and convenience. That is why an increasing number of women prefer to use light flowing dresses, shapeless sweaters, comfortable shoes and laconic accessories as casual clothes. Having such outfits in your wardrobe, you can easily create the desired look for walking in the park, shopping, going to work or even to a social event. The main thing - to successfully combine the elements of clothing, adhering to a single style.

We have prepared for you a selection of current clothes. Modern laconic outfits and accessories will make your look stunning and harmonious. It should be noted that the goods presented below belong to the budget price category.

V-Neck Pullover

An indispensable element of a winter wardrobe

In winter, spring and autumn, you need to look after your health. A warm acrylic and polyester pullover will warm you up in the cold and accentuate your impeccable taste. Under the sweater you can pry a light T-shirt or golf.
Fresh Brand Pullover, 1615 RUB. Buy at Lamoda with 40% Discount

Boots with an extended toe

The peak of this season

Elongated socks are back in fashion again. Such shoes are sure to attract the eyes of others with their unusual appearance. Strict black shoes with an elongated toe and decorative rivets look bold and extravagant. The product does not have a fastener, suitable for any thickness of the tops, as it is equipped with fabric rubber inserts.
Boots Lino Marano, 2303 rubles. Buy at Lamoda with 45% discount

Short coat

For walking in the park

Stylish blue coat with a zipper is perfect for walking in the fresh air in the cool autumn or springtime. The style of the product forms a silhouette, without restricting your movements while wearing. The artificial light fur on a hood will emphasize beauty of eyes. The composition of the material contains cotton and polyester, providing a pleasant tactile effect.
Madison Harmonie Short Coat, 2784 Rub. Purchase at Lamoda with 50% Discount

Skinny jeans

Stretch jeans do not give up their positions. They can be worn to go to the movies, go shopping, work or use for walking in the park. A pleasant blue color and light scuff make the pants fashionable and attractive, and the average fit is also comfortable (in case you need to sit down).
Jeans Gaudi, 2865 rubles. Buy at Lamoda with 30% discount

Knitted golf dress

Hit this winter

Slender women definitely need to replenish their wardrobe with a knitted dress. It can be worn under any shoes, decorated with a belt or an elongated pendant. Choose black color and you will never lose!
Pink Frost dress, 2904 rubles. Buy at Lamoda with 45% discount