5 hairstyles that are better not for women in the body

Have you ever thought that a hairstyle can drastically change the appearance and image of a person? That is why women with rounded shapes should be as attentive as possible when selecting a new haircut or styling. After all, an incorrectly selected length or shape can make a face more dimensional, as well as visually increase the volume of the entire figure.

Lady with curvaceous should skillfully combine with each other a stylish haircut and piquant forms. A good hairstyle visually lengthens the round face, while skillfully hiding the round shape of the outlines and chin.

Denote a few points that will help a woman with curvaceous to choose the appropriate hairstyle:

  • You should never make a haircut shorter than the level of the cheekbones, otherwise the already rounded cheeks will seem even larger;
  • You should not choose a multi-layered haircut, it is best to give preference to a cascade or ladder;
  • On thin hair, the cascade hairstyle will look perfect, which will give density and volume;
  • The bang visually reduces the face, making its features smoother;
  • Side hair should be parted for short hair, while for women with long hair, parting in the middle of the head is ideal.

5 unsuitable hairstyles for women with curvy shapes


You should not choose a bob haircut, an alternative option may be an elongated bob that visually lengthens the face and highlights the cheekbones.

Straight cut

For owners of medium-length hair, care should be taken to ensure that the tips are not smooth, but slightly profiled. This will help to hide the round shape of the face.


Girls with round cheeks should abandon asymmetrical hairstyles, but parting asymmetry is quite acceptable.


If the lady has long and thick hair, it is best to opt for the cascade. Another option for a hairstyle that will make a face longer and thinner is hair gathered in a high ponytail.


Another hairstyle that can give extra volume to your face and body as a whole is curls.