4 annoying questions that you should not ask a man

Communication between partners is important, so in a healthy relationship, a man tries to answer the questions of his chosen one. However, there are some questions that he does not want to hear from her mouth.

In order not to bring discomfort to communication, here are four questions that a man should never ask.

1. Do you think I'm fat?

Men despise this question. First of all, he has no clear way to answer correctly. If he says “no”, a woman can accuse him of lying, but if he answers honestly and says: “No, but you can throw off yesterday’s ration of ice cream in the gym,” it will only harm her feelings. Men are attracted to self-confident women, and such questions give you doubts about your own attractiveness.

2. What was your ex?

Before asking this question, think about your motives. Are you trying to understand which women attract him? Or are you just curious? Are you jealous of his past relationships?

Now that you have answered why, think: is this really important to you? If he is not with her, but with you, what else do you need to know? Such questions make you look ridiculous. His past relationships did not work out for some reason, so do not give him a reason to look back.

3. Will you call me when you arrive ... and write me when you leave ... and call me before bedtime?

Men love to call and write to their darlings, but only when they want. Not because they feel they should. When he realizes that you yourself call him to "check" his every move, it may offend him.

Yes, long telephone conversations will give you more confidence in the relationship, but isn’t it better to give a man the right to decide when to tell you that you are important and what he thinks about you? It will be much better if you know that this is precisely because of love, and not because he does it because he must.

4. How do you see our relationship in ten years?

Not all men have a clear long-term relationship plan. Many of them live in the moment and enjoy every second they spend with the woman they care about.

This does not mean that they do not want a long-term relationship and do not have goals. At the same time, if your partner is devoted to you now, he does not think about what will happen in ten years. Most likely, he is pleased with how things are going, and just wants it to go on.

Sometimes self-doubtful women ask such questions, trying to get their chosen one to say that marriage, children, buying a house is their future. If you sometimes feel a doubt in your relationship, it is quite normal. Do not try to lure a man into your future plans for life when you meet only a couple of months.