How do you react to his betrayal according to his zodiac sign


Treason is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Its concept is difficult to define, it is always difficult to talk about it, and the feelings of a person who was betrayed by his faithful friend and beloved partner cannot be described at all.

No one can say with accuracy how you should feel at the moment when you learned the terrible truth, how you should treat a person who betrayed trust in general and what actions you need to take so that this does not happen to you anymore.

Your zodiac sign determines how you will respond to a similar situation and perceive the behavior of your abuser.


Aries always tend to the heights, so they do not try to hold back their feelings after learning about treason. They will be beside themselves with anger, not understanding how it was possible to do this at all and admit the idea that someone is in something better than them. Do not even doubt that between you it's over. The winner of this situation will be only one, and it will be Aries.


Taurus may have assured you that you are forgiven, but in fact it is not. Now you have to behave much more carefully in his presence and follow everything you say and do. You will never know how much pain was caused to them, because Taurus will never fully recover from your betrayal. You can not even expect that someday they will trust you again.


If you really love Gemini, you can begin to ask their forgiveness even before it happened. They will be able to receive you back only if you take full responsibility for your actions. No excuses. What you did was wrong, which means that if you admit your mistake, you have the opportunity to receive forgiveness. Twins are smart, so they will not allow a similar situation twice.


It is likely that you will have the opportunity to apologize to the Cancers for their treason, because only they will want to listen to you. Cancers are not in a hurry to quickly say goodbye to all the good moments and memories that you managed to survive together, so they will want to hear your point of view. However, you can not count on their generosity, because the chance to apologize you will be given only one.

a lion

Lions are incredibly confident in themselves, so if you still dare to betray them, be prepared for the cruelty of parting. In addition, the Lions are incredibly proud, which means they will make every effort to ensure that no one finds out about what happened between you. This does not mean that betrayal will get away with you so easily, but you will still manage to avoid public humiliation.


Virgos need to always feel confident and safe, and cheating causes them to leave their usual comfort zone. No one can deal badly with Virgos, thinking that he will get away with everything. They will not restrain their impulse to punish the offender in full. You may not have a clue that Virgos are well aware of your wrongdoing, giving them the perfect moment for revenge.


Scales will try to make things look much better from the outside, as if nothing bad had happened. They have made so much effort to develop these relationships and do not want everything to be in vain. Scales believe that it is easier to solve the problem that arises than to rake the consequences left by parting.


If you have changed Scorpios, better admit it to yourself. Then they will take it much more gently, they will listen to you. If the Scorpios find out about your wrongdoing from someone else, you can not even count on any condescension. No one knows exactly what infuriated Scorpions are capable of, so be careful.


Archers who have learned of your treason will be destroyed. They do their best to maintain harmony in their lives, which requires a lot of effort and is incredibly exhausting, so you can consider your misconduct the last straw that filled the cup. Get ready, your share will fall all from the incessant tears to nonstop cries.


If you have changed Capricorn, you can not even waste your time trying to tearfully repent of a perfect mistake or look for excuses for your betrayal. You did wrong, and Capricorns, because of their well-developed intuition, already know about it, so you just have to admit it, hoping to save at least a drop of respect. Who knows, maybe only this can save your relationship.


Tears, screams, obzyvatelstvo, perhaps even purposefully thrown objects in your head. The reaction of Aquarius to treason will be harsh and lightning. They will try to do everything to hurt you in proportion to their own. Remembering all your wonderful joint moments, Aquarius will blame you for ruining such a good relationship. In order to regain their confidence, you will have to try pretty hard.


Pisces will ignore the signs of your infidelity as long as possible, because they simply cannot believe that their beloved person, whom they trust most, is capable of this. In the end, the pain will take its toll and the moment will come when you want to let it out. Let the Pisces cool down and only then begin to ask for forgiveness. However, do not expect them to take you back with open arms. You made a mistake, as a result of which you lost your best friend.