How to understand that you really fell in love according to your zodiac sign



Aries, like teenagers, are always overwhelmed with emotions. Being in the power of Mars, they simply do not know what to do with the feelings that they have in relation to who they like. That is why they often behave aggressively, especially sexually.

When Aries do not get what they want, they go into hysterics in the hope that, in the end, the situation will be resolved in their favor. That is why Aries are doing everything so impulsively, including falling in love. They are incredibly enthusiastic lovers, at one point prone to periodic outbursts of anger, and at the other to confessions of eternal love.


Taurus is at the mercy of the planet of Venus love, so he loves to exercise it in every way. They are not at all jealous, as opposed to obsession with those things and people who, in their opinion, belong to them.

If you meet with Taurus, and he introduces you to his family and friends, they not only try to bring your relationship to a new level, but also confirm your belonging to them. They intend to show off to you in front of everyone.


Twins are subject to the planet of communication and technology to Mercury. They are wonderful companions, and their gift of communication is best shown when they are in love. They actively make with you impressions, interesting articles, photos and fall asleep you messages throughout the day.

If you doubt whether Gemini really likes you as a partner or you think that they have feelings for you only as a pleasant interlocutor, do not worry, because in their case they are one and the same. If you manage to capture the attention of Gemini without any problems, it means they have feelings for you.


Cancers are dominated by the moon - a source of female energy associated with the house. When Cancer begins to truly fall in love with someone, it is absorbed by the desire to care for that person.

Due to your excessive emotionality, you want to surround your chosen one with full love and care. However, try not to strangle your partner with excessive attention. Not everyone demands from his lover a similar manifestation of feelings.

a lion

The lion in love wants to scream about it from the highest mountain. Usually they don’t easily fall in love, because they value themselves too much and have problems finding a partner who deserves them.

The natural generosity of Lviv only intensifies when they are in love. They consider their partners to be happy chosen ones, who are abundantly satisfied with their gifts, attention and pleasant expressions of feelings. Lions will never spare their money to show their partner what value it has for them.


At first glance, Virgos may not seem at all romantic to you, but once you fall in love with them, they begin to fill your partner with signs of attention.

The lovers of the Virgin are ready to do anything to help their lover: they take a walk with the dog, remind them of a doctor's appointment in time, or bring them to work forgotten from the morning in the kitchen, having lunch or an umbrella if the weather changes. Virgo, like no one, understand the importance of action in a relationship.


Scales are at the mercy of Venus, so they consider it their mission to learn to love and live in harmony with others. As one of the most zodiac signs of relationships, Libra often experiences relationship crises. Having fallen in love, they immediately seek to establish balance and justice in them.

Such a process includes a huge number of ups and downs and a decent amount of quarrels, but as if everything did not work out, they still tend to level the scales. When Libra is in love, they want everything in their relationship to be perfect, each time setting themselves this difficult task.


When Scorpio falls in love, he takes it much more seriously than any other sign of the zodiac. Scorpio considers the relationship a complement to intimacy, and therefore enters into them only when he unconditionally trusts his partner.

If they are ready to merge together not only sexually, but also to start a family, a house, and fully combine their resources, then Scorpios have found their one and only. The main thing for them is not to be in a comfortable relationship with a guaranteed partner, to whom they will not experience anything.


Sagittarius perceive love as a race that implies a victory in the competition, so when they find a partner, they expect a similar approach to relationships from him.

Because the Archers are afraid of marriage and traditional family obligations, they choose partners who have similar interests with them. They always strive for new adventures, each time expecting something unusual and unforgettable. And they want their partner to be ready to share this magical moment with them.


Capricorns are focused on career success and the achievement of the desired social status. Capricorns approach love from a position of a strict, fatherly firm hand.

Being the most attentive in relation to the status of the sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns regard their lovers as a continuation of their own reputation and will never choose those who make them look worse than they actually are. When Capricorns truly fall in love with someone, they want to protect this person from any criticism that might fall on their heads.


Perhaps one of the most independent signs of Aquarius is the loner of the zodiac. They are distinguished by a huge number of acquaintances, but in fact they have very few close friends, because they are often concerned with global issues, rather than with the problems of one person.

When Aquarius falls in love, at first does not even understand how this happens. He, as a rule, begins to show incredibly curiosity towards another person, wanting to know his opinion on any issue. After a lot of time, they finally understand how much this person means to them and joyfully name him their best friend, which in their understanding means recognition in their own feelings.


Neptune-dominated, Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Having fallen in love, Pisces instantly lose touch with reality, losing at the same time a clear understanding of what is happening, which often leads to problems.

Pisces, as a rule, are the last person who is able to notice that their relationship does not develop at all the way they think, and their close friends are afraid to talk about it, not wanting to hurt their feelings. However, Pisces never loses the feeling that the person who is right next to them is the kindred soul for which they are capable of anything.