6 features of women over 40 who elevate them in the eyes of men

For some reason, the society believes that if a woman has already slightly exceeded 40 years, she can be considered almost a written off item. We are glad to inform you that this is a big mistake and a mistake. In fact, 40-year-old ladies have such features that make them damn attractive to the opposite sex.

1. They know how to appreciate a man

After 40 years, a woman has a significant life experience behind her, which allows her to understand men perfectly. She really appreciates the standing men's actions and is able to fully thank for it and say "thank you". Men are very grateful for this attitude and anxiously safeguard the realization that they are truly valued.

2. They see people “through”

Here you don’t even have to go to the fortuneteller - adult women are so well versed in men that they literally see through them. This significantly reduces the distance and helps to get to know each other more quickly, without unnecessary gear and detours.

3. They do not worry about the little things.

It is only young ladies who are prone to winding themselves, searching for hidden meanings, deciphering male words and deeds. As a rule, all this ends very sadly. Adults and experienced women never waste themselves on this, knowing that you should not burn and exchange your nerves, time, energy and good mood for trifles and insignificant things.

4. They are confident in their appearance.

By the age of 40, any intelligent woman knows for sure her advantageous features and is able to emphasize them so as to look like an irresistible flirt. The same can be said about the shortcomings - nobody needs to tell about them, they just have to deftly disguise them so that no one even realizes that they exist in such an ideal woman.

5. They do not perceive other women as rivals.

Adult women are usually self-confident, self-sufficient and know their own worth, so they do not suffer from stupid jealousy, property, and compared with other people. There is no such thing as a rival for them at all, so they cannot stand the brain by asking about other women, past relationships and unreasonable insults.

6. They know exactly what they want.

40-year-old women, as a rule, are already firmly on their feet, they have a successful career behind them, a well-adjusted life and a clear understanding of what they are from life. They do not rush from one extreme to another, do not build castles in the air and do not exist in rose-colored glasses. In a relationship with a man, they clearly indicate their positions and boundaries, they do not require the impossible.