7 signs that you can completely trust your man

This is one of the first qualities that we hope to learn about a person when we begin to meet with him: is he trustworthy? There are indicators that will tell if your man is really trustworthy.

And the best part is that you can say in advance what will help you determine whether to invest yourself in this relationship.

1. He is honest with you, even when you are sick

This does not mean “brutal honesty,” but a trustworthy person can be honest while remaining tactful. Telling someone something that he might not want to hear requires strength and vulnerability, and this is a sign that the person you are dealing with is someone you can trust. And this can be judged at all stages of the relationship.

2. He can handle any questions.

Asking direct questions is a great way to bring it to light.

He is calm and collected, openly and honestly answering the question, or pauses, defends himself, panics because he is asked?

3. He is super-honest with you

One easy way to check this out is to take his phone to find something (maybe you're looking for a new restaurant or a movie session) and watch how he reacts. If he panics, he may hide something.

A reliable person is transparent in front of you and should share with you, with whom he spends time, who is this girl who writes to him after the working day.

4. He takes responsibility for his actions

You do not get what you deserve. You get what you choose. It is based on personal decisions and the choice of the person. Failure to take responsibility for your actions may lead to the depreciation of another person.

For example, he lost 5,000 rubles in a casino. Thus, he must acknowledge his loss and somehow return it. This shows not only his responsibility, but also the fact that you can trust him.

5. You are marked on all photos on his Instagram.

This is not a good sign when you meet someone, but looking at his accounts on social networks, you think that he is still alone. When a man is delighted with a man and a relationship, he will want to tag you on social networks. He shares your shared events and ultimately wants to share his changed status with everyone. The openness of men in relationships gives you confidence.

6. His actions correspond to his words and vice versa.

You hear it all the time: the actions speak for themselves. This is especially true when you are trying to determine whether your partner deserves confidence. If he never fulfills or makes big promises, this may be a sign that he is not as reliable as you thought.

7. It shows consistent honesty and integrity

No trust without consistency. Like everyone, we like predictability. It makes us feel safe and calm. If your man sometimes speaks the truth and only occasionally keeps his word, you cannot relax in this relationship and trust him with all your heart.