Meet spring stylishly: 5 purchases your wardrobe needs

Of course, so far only the beginning of January and until spring is still far away, but it can be said with confidence that anyone who withstands the winter frosts is probably looking forward to the onset of warm spring days. The good news is that retailers are already putting some of the most significant trends in the spring of the coming year on their shelves, thus providing you with enough arguments to start shopping for the warm season. Although it is still a couple of months before spring comes, it is never too early to replenish your closet with things that you will wear for the whole future season and not only.

With each new year (and season) a new set of trends is determined, among which are those that have migrated from past seasons because of their hyperpopularity. If you want to look fashionable and keep up with trends and fashion innovations, then we suggest you to get acquainted with several key fashion trends that you should add to your nearest shopping list.


Velvet - almost like a classic. Corduroy pants, for example, can be an excellent alternative to your standard pair of jeans or pants, adding style and novelty to your look. The trend also velvet jackets and bags.

60s print

As you know, fashion is cyclical. You have already seen the return to the fashion of the 90s, and now it is time to celebrate the triumphant return of the expressive print from the 60s in the form of red and blue beads rippling in the eyes of the eyes.


Many rich shades of brown look great both in the form of individual accessories, elegantly complementing the image, and in a minimalist monochrome dress. So if you have not dressed in brown from head to toe - you can safely do it.

Polished leather

Although patent leather in almost all of its variations has already appeared at shows over several previous seasons, this trend will have an even greater impact in 2019, becoming a new main attribute in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

Unexpected animalic print

To say that the trend for an animal print is alive and well would be an understatement. He's just at the peak of popularity! And although you’ve probably already stocked up on things with a leopard print for life, add more unconventional variations on the trend theme to your collection, such as a print with a giraffe or zebra color.