A life

Young beautiful wife, who because of her husband turned into a life-beaten aunt

Rose was perfect in all respects a woman. Not only did she have the refined name Rosa, she was also incredibly beautiful. The chiseled profile, plump lips, high elastic chest and taut figure, slender legs and shiny black hair to the waist.

Married Rosa popped up early - at age 19. Not having had enough time to walk up and enjoy their attractiveness, which, I must say, the guys always noticed, already at 20 she gave birth to a son, after 3 years a daughter and after 2 more sons. I must say, Rosa's husband got neither fish nor fowl, as is often the case with too good girls. Dima studied the course over, the first beauty of the institute practically did not achieve, everything turned out on its own and quite by accident. Two times, and already family and children.

Rosa herself never considered herself beautiful, preferred to wear baggy clothes, chose dark colors, pinned her hair into a bump and practically did not use makeup. Therefore, Dima considered almost a messenger of fate and God's reward - a man paid attention to her and, moreover, married! Therefore, Rosa began to try with all her might to show the Almighty that she deserves all that she has.

Rosa worked two jobs, running between the house and the kindergarten, cooked, cleaned, ironed and washed, dealt with the children, solved urgent problems, put off the stash for a rainy day and almost danced the polka-bow tie when she knocked out cheap trips for the whole family local sanatorium.

Dima did not make special gestures towards the family. He believed that children were the prerogative of his wife, he met with friends, he loved to drink beer in the evenings, interrupted from work to work, received a penny, and in every possible way caught his wife and teased her. The rose for him was not beautiful, not sexy, boring, too obsessed with children, greedy, annoying, quarrelsome, and she also prepared borscht not at all like his mother's.

The more Dima killed his wife's self-esteem, the more poor Rosa was struggling to be better and to meet his expectations. I cooked everything tastier, cleaned more and more carefully, tried to support my husband and be gentle and caring with him. She even went to the hairdresser, bought a new black lingerie and a narrow black dress, and to him shoes with high heels.

Alas, her efforts were not appreciated. Dima increasingly grumbled, angry, called her worthless wedge and stupid housewife. After another such portion of “compliments”, Rosa, in the very narrow black dress and stilettos, ran out of the house and in tears wandered aimlessly through the streets for 2 hours, crying and cursing herself, that she was so clumsy as a freak. She was so immersed in herself that she did not notice the admiring glances of the men, the compliments on the trail, and the signals of passing cars offering to give a lift to the beautiful woman.

As time went on, Rosa still battled two jobs and dragged everything on herself, and Dima also reclined with a can of beer in front of the TV in socks full of holes and criticized the loser-wife.

One day, after a hard day, Rose tiredly leaned on the wall opposite the mirror. She looked incredibly thin, hunched, emaciated aunt of 50 years. With mousy hair, earthy complexion and huge bruises under the eyes. Deep wrinkles beat her face, her skin seemed to have dried and her eyes had gone out. “Is it really me? But I am only 35, ”thought Rosa with horror. She sat on the floor and cried softly ...