A life

Revelations of the husband who drags on himself "idle wife" on maternity leave

This story was told to me by my old friend Anton. I must say, she discouraged me, surprised and pushed me to think, as I think many women who will hear her.

“I loved my wife very much. We always understood each other, together we tried to fulfill our goals and moved in the same direction. Since the time when we were not married, it has become our custom that we both equally invest in our relations, both in spiritual and material terms. Vika and I always worked, made a career and besides the general had my own personal account. It was normal and self-evident.

But everything lasted until Vika got pregnant and went on maternity leave. Do not think that I did not want a child, on the contrary, it was the dream of my life. But the fact is that my wife has changed drastically. Literally on the 4th month of pregnancy, she left work, and when our son Pavlik was born, I hear the same song every day, how tired she is and how heavy she is.

About the fact that she is now entirely and completely on my content, and her personal account has long melted away like spring snow - I’m generally silent about this. I just can not understand: how can it be hard when you do nothing? Yes, yes, my wife is a slacker, and I declare it with confidence and indignation!

She does not need to get up at 6 in the morning to get ready for work, she does not need to labor for 5 days a week from 9 to 18, and sometimes on weekends. She does not need to gain time to simply get to the store or plan a vacation. She does not worry about our financial situation, does not think about what will happen tomorrow, and does not plan a budget. In her hands is a small squeaking parcel, the duties to which are elementary to feed, change clothes and wash. That's all!

But what do I see every day? An absolutely lost woman who, at 28, looks like a 45-year-old aunt battered with life, an uncleaned house, a pile of uneven linen, purchased dumplings and a fried egg. We have not had sex for several months. Yes, Vika is constantly crying, calling her mom, checking for the consistency of children's poop and just what causes the pediatrician.

And explain what kind of cataclysm should happen so that such a “transformation” would happen to a woman overnight? Birth of a child, a decree? Don't make me laugh, is it difficult for you to change a diaper several times a day and put a bottle in your mouth or a bottle of milk with your baby? Considering at the same time that when a child is born, you absolutely hammer into the house and your appearance - do you stop cleaning up, practically do not cook, do not make up your hair, do not make hairstyles and do not wear beautiful clothes? So what do you do all the time then, huh? "