Envy brunettes: 6 things that look better on blondes

Focusing on the stars and street-style fashionable women with blond hair, we identified a range of shades perfect for blondes. So what colors really best suit the owners of light curls?


Who can deny the power of a little red dress? It will never leave you unnoticed and will make your light curls even more effective. And for a restrained casual look, an excellent solution would be a red-toned trouser suit with pants to the ankles.

Cobalt blue

An elegant leather raincoat or trouser suit of this shade will luxuriously highlight your light strands. And if you also have blue eyes, then you will look in such a dress simply divine.

Light pink

With a light shade of hair, the outfits of pastel pink are perfectly combined. Our favorites are an elegant satin blouse shade of pink champagne, which in any image will add notes of femininity and charm.

Metallic shades

Flickering metallic shades - gold, silver, copper - look great on blondes. Cocktail dress in one of these metallic shades will be a great solution for a party. And in the office you can safely wear a silver top, adding to his classic trousers or dark jeans.


This noble shade is good on any things - well-known blond models wear velvet jackets and teal shade bags in the afternoon, and in the evening they wear luxurious emerald dresses to the floor.


White can sometimes look too pale on blondes, so feel free to add bright accents to your image in the form of red lips, gold jewelry or bright shoes. Get inspired!