Hair care

6 simple steps to clean up your hair

Although genes, of course, play a role in our appearance, much depends on how we look after them in the issue of beauty and healthy hair. Here are six things that always make women with shiny and lush curls.

They make a perfect haircut.

Carefully styled hair almost always looks good. However, in the conditions of everyday work, we do not always have time to make the perfect styling. It is here that a win-win haircut comes to the rescue, which looks great even if you just woke up - all you need to do is straighten the strands with your fingers.

They wash their hair properly

Women with well-groomed hair choose sulfate-free shampoos with a soft formula, wash their hair under warm water and during the application of the shampoo, massage the head with pads with a finger.

They always use air conditioning

First, they never wash their heads without air conditioning, even if their hair does not suffer from dryness. And secondly, they use the following life hacking: before applying the shampoo, they apply conditioner on the hair to protect the strands from drying out while using the shampoo.

They pay attention to the scalp

Dust from the environment, sweat and various styling products severely pollute our hair at the roots and clog hair follicles, thereby preventing normal hair growth. Therefore, once a week, apply oil or lotion of tea tree to the scalp to cleanse the skin from impurities. After rinse thoroughly.

They trim their tips in time.

Every two or three months, go to the salon to cut off split ends. Do not worry - on the length it almost does not affect, but the hair will look much more well-groomed and healthy, without split ends.

They try to do as little as possible styling

Including combing. Indeed, the less we manipulate with our hair, the less we injure them. For styling, apply styling products on wet hair and let the hair dry naturally. For example, before bedtime you can braid wet hair in pigtails, so that by the morning you have stylish waves.
@ kyleeheathhair But if you do decide to do the styling, try to avoid high temperatures. For example, before styling with a hair dryer, let the hair dry naturally at least 75% and turn on the hair dryer (not at the highest temperature). When you give your hair the desired shape, switch the dryer from a hot stream to a cold stream of air and hold it over the curls - so the hair will not begin to fade and be shiny.