3 shameful mistakes made by women wearing skirts in the cold


Skirts are comfortable and make your look incredibly feminine. And winter is not a reason to abandon your favorite piece of clothing, just because the frosts drive us to a hopeless situation. It is only necessary to choose a few suitable styles, learn to combine them with other elements in order to look stylish and not harm your health.

In winter, you can wear different styles of skirts, but you need to remember some restrictions to avoid accusations of bad taste and lack of style.

Correct length

You make a mistake by choosing a skirt to the floor in the winter. There is always the danger of getting it dirty in the snow, slush and sweat all day long with a wet hem. If maxi is needed for an exit, then the best length is up to the middle of the ankle.

In winter maxi skirts there is another danger of falling out of style: no matter how well you pick up your outfit, you need to take care of outerwear. Imagine how you will look in an elegant pleated or velvet skirt that looks out from under the quilted down jacket. For this case, suitable short coat, and for a long tweed or wool skirt in a cage corresponds to a sheepskin coat in the style of "pilot".

It is very difficult not to make mistakes while maintaining a balance between the length of outerwear and the hem of the skirt. Try to skirt peeking out from under the coat on one and a half palm, otherwise you will look like a neighbor's grandmother.
@ lnfashionThe most losing option that will turn any slim girl into a snowman - quilted skirt to the floor with a down jacket. Yes, in such a skirt you will not freeze, but you will not feel yourself as a stylish woman either.

The other extreme is mini. No matter how warm the material from which the skirt is sewn, it will not warm you in the cold, and it looks out of season. The worst variant and complete bad taste is a miniskirt with a long jacket, short coat or fur coat.
@ lnfashion If you want to wear a mini, then wear a skirt with long outerwear and tight tights, plus high boots with low heels.

The best winter length is midi skirts, the hem of which reaches the middle of the calf or slightly above the ankle. To such a length is easy to choose outerwear. Coats and fur coats of the same length or up to the knee will fit here; models of outerwear will be a good length just below the waist, but of small volume.

If you wear boots or ankle boots with a winter skirt, be sure to buy tight tights to match the shoes. Otherwise, you risk to visually split the legs into several parts and make yourself lower. Flesh-colored stockings are possible if only a small strip is visible between the top of the boot and the hem.

Midi skirt is perfect for work. Wear it with a sweater or turtleneck, add boots that rise high on the leg. Choose a trendy pleated midi with no pattern and add a shirt, turtleneck, sweater, jacket, or volume cardigan. Together with chic heels you get the perfect business casual look.

Straight midi sport pockets with pockets are a good solution for a winter set. Volumetric top and more sexy pencil skirt, shoes - that's the modern look. The best top for a straight model will be a sweater. It can be skinny or oversized. Wear a knitted scarf, a warm jacket or coat, comfortable shoes and you will get a girlish and stylish bow.

Desired color

Pastel colors, flower drawings are more associated with spring and summer. They are difficult to combine with other elements of the winter wardrobe, especially with more massive dark shoes. In addition to the inconsistency of these colors in the cold period, think about what they are full, and in winter you have to wear even more dense and voluminous bottom clothing.
@ lnfashionWinter is preferable to darker colors: black, chocolate, cherry, olive, blue. They can be diluted with a strip or cage. Now again in the trend of animal prints. You can pick up a lot of options by balancing the active animalistic pattern with plain sweaters, pullovers, blouses.

Plaid skirts - perfect for winter! For more formal clothes - a pencil skirt to the knee or midi with a smell, for a casual look, you can take a fold or flared.
@ lnfashionAvoid cell errors: too active and big is dangerous for a corpulent figure. When fitting, you need to move away from the mirror to assess whether it suits you.

Suitable material

For the winter, chiffon, organza and tulle are not suitable. Even if you travel by personal transport or by taxi, it is very risky for your health to go out in such a skirt at a temperature below 15 degrees, and it is difficult to find a combination with outerwear.

Wool, leather, suede, velvet, tweed, drape fabrics are perfect for a winter skirt. The thicker the material, the less cold you will feel, it will save you from frost and wind.
@ lnfashion But don’t make a mistake in style: some styles of thick skirts can visually add a few kilograms to your volume. You can not wear a sun skirt or half ashes from thick fabrics: drape, neoprene, boucle, etc. From such materials it is better to choose a model of a straight silhouette, a pencil.

A-silhouette velvet midi skirt is a great idea for a holiday. A stylish velvet pleated skirt can be the best purchase this season!

The straight silhouette is not typical for a velvet skirt, but it is suitable for those who have problems with excess volume. Versions with dark, deep colors hide extra pounds.

Choosing a winter skirt, you can create a stylish image, while remaining fashionable and practical.