6 features of the behavior of a woman who is terribly afraid that her husband will leave her

Anyway, inside each, even the most beloved, happy and confident woman in her man, from time to time a worm appears, which gnaws and causes anxiety to lose a husband. He will go to another, get married in family life, be disappointed in his wife, get tired of the children - but few reasons. Often these experiences remain baseless, but women still begin to build their own line of conduct so as to protect themselves from the vicissitudes of fate.

1. You are too sagging under a man, trying to please him in everything

Do you want to be an ideal woman, fulfilling his every request and whim and guessing his thoughts in advance? We want to upset you that this line of conduct, on the contrary, is the most frequent cause of a break in relations. The main thing is not to go too far and be yourself in any situation.

2. You agree to the craziest experiments in bed

Many women think that men can be kept exceptionally good sex. Yes, in part, this is so, but you should not think that everyone often wants to see next to a depraved woman of easy virtue who is obsessed with sex. Everything should be in moderation and, most importantly, by mutual consent.

3. You ask his friends and relatives what he thinks of you.

This is done so that the pieces of the puzzle and pieces of information from other people put together a picture of their image in the representation of the man and begin to change, if necessary. Unfortunately, the facts that have passed through other people are often distorted and transmitted in a completely different sense than they were originally.

4. You strive to look self-sufficient and detached in his eyes.

Men are attracted to the mystery, so some women are constantly in the image of the Snow Queen - proud, unapproachable, independent and too principled. Be careful, sometimes it can work absolutely in the opposite direction, and your prince will go to look for another princess, more compliant.

5. You want to become best friends with his mom

This is, of course, quite good, but, nevertheless, too close friendship with the mother-in-law often does not lead to anything good. Do not expect that in which case, in her face you will get an ally and partner, as a rule, the mother always takes the side of her son, no matter what he does.

6. In everything that happens in your relationship, you blame yourself

Relationships are a union of two people, not one. Therefore, for everything that happens, you assume equal responsibility. It is not necessary to charge yourself with an unbearable burden and try to solve all the problems on your own, because we are looking for a life partner to share our sorrows in difficult times and get support.