5 fashionable tricks in which women are ashamed to admit

Every woman wants to look stylish, fashionable, sexy and attractive. A woman skillfully emphasizes her beauty with the help of make-up, beautiful clothes and an ideal image as a whole. However, each in pursuit of style and fashion violates the rules that can shake her impeccable reputation.

Consider the top most common habits, which the fair sex prefer to keep silent:

Clothing for rent

Having bought a new dress or pants, they prefer not to remove the tag, but skillfully hide it under clothes while wearing. After several trips to the restaurant or to the cinema, the lady goes to the store in order to return the thing, inventing a valid reason (improper size, style, etc.). Do you know such a trick?

Ripped tights

In the wardrobe of every woman there are nylon tights with an arrow. It is not clear for what reason women prefer to keep such tights until a special occasion, namely, the moment when this thing can be put on as insulation. Nobody will see!

Stale linen

This, of course, is only about bras, otherwise this habit should be attributed to more serious crimes. However, there is no final rule on how often the sconces should be wiped off, and each has its own truth in this regard. You can only say one thing, if you have not changed the top of a set for more than a week, you should not admit it.

Things not to fit

Many of us either overestimate myself or wishful thinking. Although there is a third option - an attempt to reduce their size with tight clothes. Believe me, this is not the best way to adjust the figure, moreover, in this way, extra centimeters or kilograms will become even more noticeable. Accept yourself or consider other options on the path to harmony. Lying here just can not help!


Let's be honest, each of us at least once exaggerated the cost of its stylish clothes, well, or a little "round" its real value. Of course, this is nothing illegal, except that in the case of exposure you will not look in the best light. The same applies to those ladies who prefer to give fakes for the undisputed original. Better your thing will not be the most expensive, but you will not have to invent myths about it every time.