Men named the 10 main reasons that make them part with a woman.


Women have their own reasons for which they part with their partners, but often another question arises: what causes men to leave women most of all? To find out, you need to ask this question to men, and this is what they answered.

1. The bad outweighs the good

Men decide to break off relationships when in a relationship you quarrel more often than have fun. When bad days outweigh the good, most men think that it’s time to part. Why stay in a relationship that makes both miserable?

2. You were for him a kind of "placeholder"

A relationship with a female “filler” is when she is more committed to a relationship than a man. He is simply in a relationship of convenience, probably until he finds someone better. If he wants to end the relationship with you, it would seem, from scratch, he, most likely, has already found another.

3. He just doesn't like you

It may now sound like a cliché, but it’s true nonetheless. If a man is not in love with you or feels that you are in love with him more than he is with you, he will probably be the first to end the relationship. To be with someone who loves you much more than you love him is just ugly. If he is decent, he does not want to simply deceive you.

4. You interfere in his life.

If your relationship begins to negatively affect his career, training, or interaction with friends and family, he is unlikely to want to continue like that. Men also need complete relationships with other people, like women. If you are too jealous, constantly in control of him, or both of you spend too much time together, this may affect his relationship with loved ones. And if this happens in your relationship, you will most likely be excluded from his “team”.

5. He cannot imagine you as his wife.

There may be something in you or your relationship with him that he simply does not like, and that he does not want to endure it to the end of his days. Everyone has flaws, but if there is a big problem in some part of your relationship that will most likely not be corrected, your young man can simply decide that he does not want to constantly argue about it until the end of his life.

Likewise, if you have a personality trait or a set of values ​​that simply do not agree with his understanding or personality, this may be the reason that he decides to part with you.

6. You are not the one for whom he took you

Many people begin to meet with certain expectations or beliefs about how a person is their chosen one. As a rule, these expectations are based on superficial judgments, such as social networks or text messages. Even the first few dates are not always a good indicator of a person’s true identity, because most people try to behave themselves at the first dates in the best way.

If your new partner has suddenly abandoned you, it may be because he thinks that you are a different person than you really are. This is possible if you presented yourself differently to him, or simply because his perception of you was different at the beginning.

7. You have not developed a deeper connection.

If you and your partner can never go beyond the stage of simple idle gatherings and unnecessary conversations, in time he may decide to look for another person with whom he can go on. Unfortunately, it is not you. This does not mean that you need to make serious conversations with him every day, but if you have nothing to talk with him in principle, this is a serious problem.

8. You are too negative

Men like to be in a relationship that makes them feel good. If all your relationships consist of complaints about your colleagues, or you are constantly in a bad mood, he may decide that he does not want to be with you and your negative attitude all the time.

9. He is too angry with you

Sometimes you get involved in a quarrel, and no one wants to give in and listen to another person. If your partner gets too angry about the situation, he may leave you in the heat of an argument. Only time will tell whether he really wanted to or not, and how long he would be angry about it.

10. Something else in his life requires more attention.

He may have to leave the city, someone from the family has fallen ill, or he has found a new job. Sometimes there are things in life that take away all our time and mental energy, and if you are not able to support it or to be with it during this period, your relationship will most likely end. This is not your fault, but it happens in life.