5 manicure options that will not be equal this year

Fashionable manicure, whether discreet and neutral or bright and uncompromising, always adds a missing ingredient along with and completes the image. Regardless of your personal style, trends in manicure in 2019 will not leave you indifferent. In a fashion as refined minimalistic nail art, and bold expressive.

In terms of color and design - there are no frameworks and restrictions, however we would be lying if we said that there are certain types of manicure that win the greatest love from year to year.

Bright colors

2018 was devoted to rich tones, such as blue, purple and red, as well as metallic - copper, gold and silver. This trend will continue to gain momentum in 2019.


Also, a nude manicure will never get out of fashion - it is gorgeous in its brevity and timelessness.

Neil art

As for expressive nail art, here all kinds of stickers, applications and three-dimensional design rule the ball. In the outgoing year, we witnessed the appearance of various decorations on the nails: beads, rhinestones, chains - and this is likely to be a trend in the 2019th.
@ On the other hand, a minimalistic design with an abstract pattern consisting of lines, points, geometric shapes, brush strokes and much more is relevant.


In 2019, experts foreshadow the great popularity of bright colors in manicure, as well as glitter on the nails. Glitter looks very advantageous. As well as beads and rhinestones. Nails should be your best accessory, and now we can see that the decorations literally end up at your fingertips.
@ kynsisalonBy the way, a manicure with such "decorations" does not have to look pretentious and bright. On the contrary - it can also be part of minimalist nail design. Minimalistic refers to a transparent base coat applied to the nail, and then design using shiny lines and patterns only on the fingertips.

The form

As for the shape of the nails, the most popular will be the oval shape of medium length and other simple everyday styles, for example, the shape of a short soft square.