7 signs that a man pricked his skis to the left

Treason for men is always more ordinary and not as tragic as for women. They take it more easily and look at their own betrayal as if through fingers. The fact that your “blessed one” doesn’t look in the right direction at all can be understood in advance, you just have to watch him more carefully.

1. He constantly reproaches you

Perhaps it was before, but right now, for some reason, it literally brings down all its discontent and negativity on you. You have become worse to cook, look bad, are not cute enough and spend little time with him? Most likely, he is just trying to make you a bad wife, to change with a clear conscience. After all, good wives do not change.

2. You try to spend more time at work.

Because the situation in your home, to put it mildly, is not entirely favorable. You do it unconsciously and at the behest of your heart, but you should think about why you do not want to return to your beloved man.

3. He is too flattering before you.

Sometimes his benevolence and the desire to please goes beyond all limits. It feels like he is smoothing his guilt, trying to cajole you. There is still no guilt, but all these actions are done in advance in order to reduce your vigilance and suspicion.

4. You are haunted by the feeling that he will change you

It seems to be as usual and as always, but some worm constantly nibbles at you, forcing you to pay attention to the little things, listen and look to your man. As they say, women's intuition rarely makes mistakes, so do not let it go "to nothing".

5. He does not let go of the phone

It is quite possible that there was already a hot correspondence with a charming stranger (or acquaintance), which makes him think of treason. You should not immediately arrange a debriefing, but nevertheless you need to carefully check his phone until he sees it.

6. He avoids heart-to-heart talk.

Intimate conversations, when you shared with each other the most intimate, remained in the past? It is an alarming bell that your man has closed in himself and simply is looking for another interlocutor for himself - to discuss problems, get advice and advice, and for sex, of course.

7. He says you are too different

All of a sudden it dawned on him that in fact you were too different - your interests, views on life and worldview differed. Nothing happens just like that, and before you create a joint alliance, you know each other well. So, probably, he is simply looking for the one with whom they will be “the same”. This is the so-called whitening of oneself in order not to look like a complete scoundrel in one’s own eyes.