No longer fashionable: 5 trends of 2018, which it is time to forget

Fashion is a capricious and changeable thing. Keeping up with the latest trends is becoming increasingly difficult, primarily due to the too rapid change of priorities in this area. “Buy it now, wear it later” is an unaffordable luxury for those who want to be in trend. Understand what goes out of fashion in the upcoming 2019th.

Close-fitting outerwear

Clothing "in the look" - perhaps one of the main anti-trends in 2019. This applies to all types of outerwear. Coats, jackets and jackets are better to choose a semi-fit or loose cut, slightly fitted, but not fitting you along the entire length.
@ seebymiriamThere is another anti-trend in this area - elastic belts on down-padded coats. To emphasize the waist on the already fitted things, perhaps a little absurd. If you wish, it is better to replace such a belt with a belt.

As for the length, fashion experts recommend to abandon short coats and jackets, giving way to midi. The stereotype that such a length is the prerogative of elderly women is no longer relevant. This length is able to emphasize the merits and hide the flaws of your figure.

Fur jackets

It is no secret that more and more fashionable houses refuse to use natural fur. Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Armani have already joined the ranks of opponents of the destruction of fur animals. And this list is inexorably growing. Therefore, in the new year, fans of fur coats are recommended to turn their attention to eco-fur. In quality they are not much inferior to natural ones, and nature will be grateful to you.
@ anki_panki_style But the designers still strongly recommend to give up fur vests of different lengths in the new year, even if they are not made of natural fur. Such an innovation should not go to the detriment of your comfort. After all, if the temperature allows you to walk with open hands, then the fur, in principle, is optional. If you abandon your favorite vest, you simply do not have the strength, try to wear it as practical as possible, combining with a denim jacket or massive boots without a heel.

Casual shoes with high heels

Spectacular pointed-toe high-heeled shoes are classics that are unlikely to ever go out of style. But the round toe in combination with a stud is no longer relevant. This form is still permissible only in shoes such as ballet flats, on a low small heel. When choosing boots and ankle boots it is also better to give preference to a thick massive heel.
@ seebymiriam At the same time, the obligatory mate hev of the new season - casual shoes should be comfortable. Therefore, lovers cut on heels in any weather and exhaust their legs with a high heel all the work day should be to reconsider their preferences. In addition, it is a frank anti-brand, it is a serious danger to your health.

Bare ankles

The question of the selection of trousers or jeans is generally a delicate matter, too many nuances must be taken into account. And the fashion here is not just not standing still, but rushing by leaps and bounds. Among the anti-trends, entrenched more than one season - low landing, bright prints, torn and frayed models. But innovation, which brings us the year 2019, will be the rejection of skinny and bare ankles at any time of the year. So the frogs' legs are not threatened with red frost. Nevertheless, the shortened models are still in trend.
@ anki_panki_style Exiting the situation is quite simple - use warm socks. Lovers of conservatism can choose models to match the pants or shoes, but avant-garde artists can give free rein to their imagination - bright colors, prints and textures, as long as it is in harmony with the overall image.

Jewelry Sets

Accessories in the same range went out of fashion a few years ago. If we talk about jewelry, then the main rule of 2019 is no repetitive elements. So, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, made in the same style, will have to be left in the box until better times. You can wear them separately. Multi-level is another trend of the season. So feel free to wear a few bracelets, rings on one finger and chains in several levels. However, in this case, you should not get involved in massive jewelry with large stones.