4 female types who are always late and do not have time

They are all waiting and waiting, constantly pushing up, hurrying and accelerating, and they all slow down, stretch indefinitely and forever late. Such people have met in the life of each of us and, I must say, this is far from the best of their quality. Or maybe you also belong to one of 4 categories, who are constantly waiting in the longing? Check yourself.

1. Adherents of spontaneity

These are those who categorically deny and reject any schedules, schedules and plans. Such people believe that the best way to accomplish everything in due time is to act not according to a strict algorithm, but according to the influx, desire and call of Muse. And, of course, all this ends with a complete work-around, obstruction and lateness in all respects.

2. Sufferers of fate

These are people who constantly complain that their life is too busy, free time is catastrophically short, and that is why they do not have time. Surprisingly, most of their busy time is spent just on these very complaints and whining, which could be wrapped in a completely different direction.

3. Eager to do everything at once

They constantly build a million plans, cling to everything they can, gush with ideas and build entire castles from desires and dreams. But, as they say, you will not catch a single chase after two hares. Rushing from the extreme to the extreme, charging ourselves too much and trying to embrace the immensity, in the end we do not have time and do not bring any case to the end.

4. Stupid and too slow

Such people are extremely phlegmatic in life, unhurried, and very slow. They approach to any business so thoroughly and thoroughly that they simply do not fit within the established deadlines. Even a banal arrival at the appointed time always turns out to be late for them, because they gather insanely slowly and do not watch the time at all.