10 things that a woman should not do for any man for any reason

There are such items in the men's "Wishlist" that are akin to the forbidden taboo for women. Do not beg, do not beg and do not promise to marry, we still will not do it for you!

1. Record an intimate video and put it on the Internet

For some reason, many men are very excited by the fact that someone can see your love games. For these perverts, there are many sites where you can upload your own porn videos, and even recruit for him "likes" and evaluation. Awful gone, isn't it?

2. Become best friends with his mom

Undoubtedly, single instances of women succeed in this, but, nevertheless, you should not break yourself to be in very close relations with his mother. Yes, it is, in fact, not necessary. Instead, mutual respect and friendly communication is better.

3. Become a “board” for his friends

Yet friends are friends, especially for men. For them, being “their own” means learning to understand cars, be interested in fishing, laugh at stupid jokes and watch vulgar films. Better to be feminine and slightly detached from all these men's gatherings.

4. Report money spent

Even if only a man earns money in your family, it looks very humiliating when you are forced to report on where, how much and why money was spent. If this happens, it is worthwhile to thoroughly discuss this problem and explain how unpleasant it is to you.

5. Spend all your free time together.

In a relationship, everyone should have a personal space, and partners are not a symbiosis of two lives, which never leave for a minute. Your union will be much more harmonious if each of you can have an opportunity for your life.

6. Have the same tastes as his

If your man likes hard rock and bike riding in the night city, he has no right to demand from you complete unity in his interests. Each person is unique precisely because he has his own views on life, his own world view and hobbies. You do not have to be completely similar, because, as you remember, it is the opposites that attract each other.

7. Do not work and do housework

Maybe the dream of every man is a woman who is barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, but, nevertheless, we live in a century where many areas of world governance belong to us. Those times when the woman financially and morally depended on the man for a long time have sunk into oblivion. We drive cars, build dizzying careers, earn good money and know how to nail shelves and clean sinks. So, women road! And no borscht!

8. Give birth to children

First of all, a child is a step insanely responsible and relating to the mutual desire of both partners. If you do not want to become a mother, no one has the right to reproach you for it. After all, women's happiness is not only in the family, but in many other areas. It has long been tested and proven.