Makeup artists called 7 of our favorite makeup tricks that terrify them

Just because this or that beauty trend is popular on social networks does not mean that it is really unshakable - at least not in the eyes of professional makeup artists. Here are 7 beauty trends that they would like to dislodge from the pedestal.

Too frank contouring face

One of the star make-up artists, Joanna Shlip, avoids this trend. “Women watch videos on YouTube and try to copy makeup with contouring, but they do not take into account the individual characteristics of their face. The cheekbones and the jaw are pretty standard, but the rest of the face requires an individual approach during contouring, ”says Schlip. Another star makeup artist Natasha Severino adds: “Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against sculpting, but heavy shadows and outlines age the face, if the contouring is wrong, it can look ridiculous. Try instead using only one highlighter or other reflective tools, to highlight the face in the right areas. "

Ombre on the lips

Although this lip makeup is popular on social networks, Sonya Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, says that it is absolutely impractical for everyday use. “As soon as you start talking / drinking / eating, a beautiful gradient can turn into a mess on your lips. Why not choose one great lipstick color that lasts all day? ”


Always remember the less-more mantra: every day you do not need make-up, as for a photo shoot. “Look at your skin and take into account where you go, what you will do and what the lighting will be,” advises Shlip. “For example, think about how the makeup you usually do for work will look like in bright daylight or at night on a date.”

Instagram eyebrows

“Eyebrows are designed to frame your eyes and do makeup better, rather than dominate or cause all people to see your eyebrows when they look at you,” Kashuk says. "You may have strong, bold eyebrows, but they should look as if you are genetically blessed by them, and not artificially." Makeup artist Katie Jenchy agrees. “As a make-up artist, I see a lot of trends that I don’t like, and one of them is too dark eyebrows. They create a great emphasis on the forehead and violate the harmony of makeup. "

Too much highlighter

“I like a good glow, but it’s definitely not worth attacking the highlighter, especially the one that is too silver, metallic. The remedy on the face will look artificial, unnatural, ”says Kashuk. Star makeup artist Pat Dubroff also urges not to overdo with the highlighter. “My least favorite beauty trend is makeup on Instagram or YouTube, similar to makeup for theater productions. It is disappointing that this kind of makeup received so much attention and recognition. ”

Too long eyelashes

“Small false eyelashes look fantastic, but the tendency to wear very long eyelashes designed for the stage actually works against looking beautiful,” Kashuk says. “Balance is the key to a good make-up, including that for eyelashes.”

All that does not suit you

“I’m against following any trend if it doesn’t suit you properly,” says famous makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. “Trends work fine on young photogenic models, but unfortunately, this does not always apply to all of us. Know when you need to tame and adjust the trends for themselves, so that they better fit your style, appearance and facial features. ”