Fear of all wives: confession of a professional family destroyer

Hello. My name is Vika. And I can safely say that I am a professional destroyer of foreign families. You can wish for all earthly punishment, curse and hate. I will still sharpen my craft to the extent that it is perfect.

He just lost his head because of me.

The first time I broke up a happy family when I was 26. We worked together, there was a New Year corporate party, and I decided to try myself as a fatal seductress. I didn’t have to work hard: a couple of glasses of whiskey, a neckline on a dress, a languid smile and a joint dance. That night we spent together. He rented a room in a posh hotel, with champagne and strawberries, well-trained receptionists and a luxurious bed. For the first time in my life, I allowed myself to be “bad” - not to adapt to other people's expectations, to behave as it is convenient for me, and, first of all, take care that I first get an orgasm, and then he.

And, you know, surprisingly, these methods produced a stunning success. My new protege was just crazy about me. He begged for the continuation of the meetings, kissed the fingers on his feet and admired my rampage in bed. When we were saying goodbye, he thrust a stack of crispy pieces of paper into my hand and told me to buy what I wanted.

So I became Bones's mistress. By the way, he was married for a long time, had 2 sons, and was not going to leave the family. Life and home life he was fed up for a long time, like peppercorns and novelties, and here I appeared - all so beautiful, sexy, fatal and young.

Kostya just lost his head when he saw me. We rode with him through night Moscow, went on vacation to Greece, spent crazy nights and dreary days without each other. He said that I was an ideal woman, and that he loved me. At home, the wife was waiting - a familiar, homely, bored, in a washed-up robe and with a bun on her head. But - the wife, mother of his children and the woman whom he knew for many years.

Hello, I am your husband's mistress

At one point, I realized that the hour had come X. While Kostya was sleeping peacefully after another portion of our sex, I took his phone and carefully copied his wife's number. The next day I called her, introduced myself and asked for a meeting, saying that it is very important and concerns their family life with Kostya and the children. Of course, the woman was frightened, confused, but came to the meeting. Yes, she could not come, I was sure of it.

She looked like a typical gray mouse - plain-faced, tortured and inconspicuous. I decided not to waste time and immediately took the bull by the horns. "Hello again. My name is Vika. And I'm your husband's mistress. " Then there was a demonstration of our joint photos on the phone from the holidays, intimate juicy videos, his sms, where he confessed to me in love, and the complete ins and outs of their family life. After all, to whom, if not to me, was aware of all the troubles, quarrels and misunderstandings that occurred in Kostin marriage.

I will not talk about the reaction of his wife, because she was predictable, like all deceived women. But she didn’t cling to my hair, I can say one hundred percent.

Coming out of the cafe and leaving my wife Kostina at the table, crying, howling and tearing her hair, I smiled satisfactorily, took out the phone and wrote a message to Kostya: “It's all over between us. Say hello to your family. ” I narrowed my eyes and a pleasant bliss spread all over my body. I did it. I could. I have revenged.

Why did I do so cruelly? Because when I was young and naive I got married, 2 years after the beginning of my family life, the one I loved, worshiped and considered the perfect man to cruelly betray me. He found a mistress, completely trampling my self-esteem, faith in men and the opportunity to have healthy relationships.

Then I decided that I would also become one like the one that hit me in the dirt. I will be a bitch who walks over other people's heads, thinks only of herself and gets pleasure when she makes painful sweet and good wives, like I used to be.

And you, Kostya, do not be sad. You'll be all right. You will divorce, marry a second time and never again will you get a mistress.