The huge mistakes that zodiac signs made in 2018, and how to avoid them in 2019



In 2018 you were moving at a fast pace. You spoke without thinking. You chose the fastest route instead of the smartest.

In 2019, patience is important to you. Think over your steps. Allow yourself to do everything deliberately and do not do it quickly.


In 2018, you doubted yourself. Instead of using all the opportunities presented to you, you stayed in your comfort zone.

In 2019, remember the importance of risk. You do not want to end the same disappointments in 2019. You do not want to miss the great opportunities because of fear.


In 2018, you allowed yourself to move away from people which means a lot to you. You also stopped chatting with them. You have stopped visiting interesting places. You allow relationships with loved ones to disappear.

In 2019, revive the relationship, that were important to you. Spend time on your loved ones. Make an effort for them.


In 2018 you did not seek help, when you needed it. You made yourself suffer because you wanted to solve your problems yourself. You didn’t want to bother anyone and made your life very difficult.

In 2019, express your vulnerability. Do not hide behind the mask. Admit to others that you need help and you are not in order.

a lion

In 2018, you did not achieve everything you planned. You are lagging behind in certain things. You have given up certain desires. You could not find the time or motivation to complete all your goals from last year.

In 2019, do what you have in mind. Do not give up halfway. Do not allow yourself to relax. Expect more from yourself.


In 2018, you gave someone your love. You accepted all their apologies. You have forgiven them for all the mistakes. You put all your faith in them, and they betrayed you.

In 2019, don't let such people break your heart again. Do not lower your standards of love. Do not keep traitors in your life, because you deserve the best.


In 2018 you were too sweet. You let people walk by you. You allowed them to use you. You have never expressed your desires.

In 2019, put your desires in the first place in the list of priorities. Let yourself be a bit selfish. Allow yourself to take care of yourself before you start trying to take care of everyone else.


In 2018, you hated yourself for your mistakes. You realized that something went wrong. You spent most of your time despising yourself, wanting to be someone else.

In 2019, forgive yourself for mistakes. Accept the past and swear to do better in the future. Look only forward.


In 2018, you were a homebody. You canceled plans. You overslept. You barely got out of bed.

In 2019, leave the house more often. Send the first message to a loved one. Meet friends. Develop your social life.


In 2018, you worked without interruption. You never gave yourself a minute of rest. You barely had time to breathe.

In 2019, give yourself a break from time to time. Stop being so strict with yourself. Stop pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion.


In 2018, you spent most of your time, paying attention to tomorrow (or yesterday). You were always afraid of something. You have always been shocked by something.

In 2019, appreciate the moment. Stop worrying about the stupid phrase you said yesterday, or the stupid phrase you could say tomorrow. Live now.


In 2018 you had a bad relationship with your body. You have deleted most of your photos. You wanted to eat right and play sports. I have always criticized myself.

In 2019, learn to love yourself. Treat your body with respect. Admit that you are beautiful. Stop treating yourself badly because you deserve only the best.