What earrings can not be worn after 50: a selection of inappropriate pairs


The right decorations can make the image complete and stylistically harmonious. For example, ideal earrings can visually reduce the age of a woman, make her more fragile and feminine.

But there are also those models, having put on which, it is possible to achieve the opposite effect. We will tell you what you should not adorn yourself after 50, and which copies, of course, need to pay attention.

There is no "China"

@ carolinelabouchereWhy exactly need to be abandoned, so it is from cheap plastic jewelry, or other materials of dubious origin. Some women, reaching the 50-year mark, try to look younger by hook or by crook. They also resort to the help of bijoux.

Properly selected earrings can really rejuvenate the image. But the worst mistake when a woman of mature age begins to wear bright plastic "trinkets": large acid colors of rings, incomprehensible tropical motifs, etc. Here the result will be completely different: a woman will seem to be young and not very clever.

But there is a way out in this situation. If you want to wear bright earrings, you need to choose models from colored ceramics, or similar material.

You also need to remember that you should not duplicate bright earrings with equally expressive jewelry on the neck or hands. Let the image be only one, but well-defined accent.

Earrings for all occasions

Of course, not every woman can get the right amount of jewelry to choose the right pair for each image. Therefore, it will be more correct to purchase several basic models, which, if necessary, will be able to replace each other. In this list you can include:

  • Carnations with pearls;
  • Small rings of silver or gold;
  • Small earrings made of wood or imitation;
  • Earrings with minerals;
  • Diamonds.

The first option is suitable for women with a strict dress code at work. Such earrings will never go out of fashion, moreover, they have significant advantages: they fit any style of clothing, look elegant and expensive, although their value is quite democratic.

If necessary, they can "migrate" from the day to the evening image and will look just as convincing.
PinterestSmall earrings made of gold or silver can play the role of valuable everyday jewelry. They harmoniously blend into any style and image. But do not choose for everyday wear rings, decorated with bright stones.
PinterestTrimful wooden earrings are a good idea for women who dress in an ethno-style style, or who simply love clothes made from flax and similar natural materials.
Pinterest Age after 50 years is also good because you can start wearing something that previously seemed out of place. For example, you can buy earrings with minerals. Especially advantageous here is a gentle and discreet coral. It can also be combined with the same bracelet or necklace.
PinterestDon't forget about the best friends of all women. Diamond earrings, made in the form of discreet models - always relevant. But this option is not suitable for "gray days." But in combination with a black evening dress, or other ceremonial set such jewelry will be in place.

Additional tips

@ carolinelabouchere When choosing the earrings, it is necessary, first of all, to start from the whole image: from clothes, from hairstyles, and from accessories.

No need to create any blatant contrasts. Remember, the age after 50 is a new stage in the life of every woman, when she can reveal herself and show the world her new ā€œIā€.

However, do not forget about the sense of proportion. After all, incorrectly selected, or simply bulky earrings can distract views not only from the whole image, but also from the woman herself.

Carefully evaluate the shape of your ears, face, neck length - the only way you can really pick up "your" earrings.