10 bad habits that should not be in an adult woman


We tend to outgrow many of the bad habits that we had in our youth. But there are those who have some negative habits persist much longer than they should. These habits should not be a woman who appreciates herself:

1. Meet the "bad men"

You are not a young rebel. You are a mature woman with a job and a flat. You cannot act like “Dad, but I love him!” And then go back home and ask your father to pay for electricity. Responsibility and sunset riding on a motorcycle with some type of criminal type are incompatible. And relationships with all sorts of "bad men" should end when you grow out of a zero-sized bra.

2. Giving a fake number

If you do not like a man, and you do not want to give him your number, then do not give. Do not deceive anyone by saying fictional numbers. The same applies to those cases when you first give a number, and then ignore calls and messages. If a man is not interesting to you, then calmly refuse him. And if continues to be imposed, then take the form of a gargoyle, let him be afraid.

3. Share intimate details with friends

Perhaps it was fun to share stories, when intimacy was a completely new thing for all of you. But now it is already a hackneyed topic. Intimacy is a part of your life, but it must remain a purely personal matter. Especially if your partner is uncomfortable when you are at dinner describe in detail every action.

4. Constantly sit on social networks

Do you really have nothing better than to spend hours digging through photos and posts of people you barely remember? If your life is so boring that you spend most of it online, then perhaps you should find a hobby.

If any stranger can see your profile on social networks and quickly determine your work schedule, all holidays, the names of all the pets you had, and the last time you visited the restroom, then you leave too much information about yourself on the Internet. If you have enough time for this, then people will think that you do not have a personal life.

5. Do not approach men

In the courtyard of 2019. You do not need to hang around the tower, expecting a prince to come, save you and take you to the concert. If you see a man who is interested in you, then just go to him and start a conversation. There is nothing wrong with a woman taking the first step. The rubbish that “women must be led” has long been time to send them to the dustbin of history.

6. Do not play sports

Of course, one does not need to train so much to become an Olympic champion, but keeping fit is important for any adult woman. And spending a life on sitting down pants and absorbing calories, you risk getting into the next episode of the series “Life after 100 kg.” You are given only one body, so try to take care of it.

7. Do not wash off makeup in the evening

There is no excuse for such an act. All you need is a wet cloth or bottle for washing your face. Washing takes only a couple of minutes. Your skin should breathe during sleep, not choking on makeup or dirt. Indelible makeup causes premature aging, defects on the skin, and also smears a pillowcase. So wash your face. It is not so difficult.

8. Complain about your figure.

If your goal is to bother all friends or a man, then you can continue in the same spirit. If not, then no need to complain. It makes no sense to compare your body with a stranger, when someone looks like this, and you are different. We are all different, and our bodies also react to stress and aging differently.

If something in your appearance bothers you, and you have the opportunity to change it, then by all means change it. But do not constantly complain to people who have already told you: “No, you don’t look fat in these jeans.”

9. Do not go to the gynecologist.

The female body needs regular medical examination. It is important to keep yourself aware of what is happening there, especially if there is a predisposition to things like cervical cancer or endometriosis. Regular check-ups are beneficial to both health and peace of mind. Regularly visit a good specialist and make sure that everything is in order.

10. Stay in a bad relationship for a long time.

Enough of any made-up excuses. You are an adult woman and you should understand that if relationships with a particular man do not add up, then you do not need to remain in them. Just as you do not need to stand still, falling into a puddle. There is always the opportunity to leave and change your life. All that is needed for this is just to show the will and make an effort.