What men fear: 5 things that will scare even the strongest


It is considered that the representatives of the stronger sex are fearless creatures, who by virtue of everything. However, in reality, things are a little different. And you can very long to talk on the subject of what men fear, and what fears they pursue in a relationship.

The greatest fear of men

Regardless of the age of the male representatives periodically visit fears. The most common include:

Wealth level

They worry about how they look in society, family and relationships. And the main indicator in this case for them is wealth. Therefore, not enough earning guy feels insecure.


This is the most serious fear. Remember how a husband / brother / father behaves at an elevated temperature (even if it is 37.1). It’s hard for them to realize that at some point their physical strength weakens.


Every young man is serious about sex with his beloved. He is constantly tormented by the question: "Do I satisfy her enough?" This is also due to the desire to look in other eyes (in this case, the wife or girl) the best.

A life

The representatives of the stronger sex always look back on life and fearfully ask themselves the question: “What have I achieved in life? Did you have time? ” They are often overwhelmed by the doubts that they spend their lives properly.

Old age

Yes, yes, not only girls are afraid of this terrible word. Men no less than women worry about the emerging gray hair, wrinkles or manifest baldness.

Men's fears in relationships

The number of male fears in terms of relationships is in no way inferior to women's phobias. Representatives of the stronger sex are also afraid to take the first step. They are constantly overcome by the fear that they will not like the girl and will be rejected by her.

In addition, representatives of the stronger sex are worried about providing for the family. A man is a breadwinner by nature. He should give full support for his beloved and joint children. Otherwise, he begins to feel inferior and unworthy, resulting in the emergence of long-term depression.

Fear young people can and beloved's reaction to their past. Many men find it difficult to meet a new girlfriend with her parents, friends, or children. This happens not because they are ashamed of their beloved. Such situations arise because of an elementary fear that a man’s society will not meet the girl’s hopes and desires and will change her overall impression of the partner.

What men fear in sex

The greatest sexual fear of the representatives of the stronger sex is insufficient partner satisfaction. An unsatisfied girl beats a young man on self-esteem, forcing him to get into the corner. That is why after almost every sexual intercourse they ask the question “Well, how are you?”, Expecting to hear a positive answer.

No less serious fear is not enough erection. The reason for this is not necessarily physical health. It can happen because of elementary fatigue or stress. In this case, teasing a man after an unsuccessful sexual intercourse can lead to serious consequences in sexual terms.

Also, representatives of the stronger sex are often worried so that the size and length of the sexual organ will not disappoint the partner. And in this case it is necessary to support a young man. Otherwise, his self-esteem will fall to a minimum.

They are afraid of men and comparisons, or rather the information that one of the former partners had much better sex. Such knowledge leads to the development of new complexes and a nervous state.

What kind of women are men afraid of?

A man in a relationship should be alone! And for this reason, the representatives of the stronger sex avoid the following types of women:

  • All-knowing: a girl's high intellect attracts only in the initial stages of building relationships. Over time, an intelligent woman becomes less attractive, and her eternal teachings - disgusting.
  • Successful: a relationship with a woman who earns many times more than her partner will lead to the moral destruction of the dignity of a man.
  • Difficult: the representatives of the stronger sex need to have in the relationship ease and carelessness. And if already on the first dates the girl talks all the time about how many problems she has and how difficult she is, then the subsequent development of the couple is most likely impossible.
  • Avid: no one would be attracted to the ungrateful, always demanding something, young lady.

In fact, the fears of the representatives of the stronger sex very much. And their development or destruction is completely dependent on the nearby woman.