10 golden qualities that make a man want to marry you


In the 1950s, finding out if a man wanted to marry a woman was pretty easy compared to today. The “ideal” wives were women who stayed at home, took care of their children and husband, and managed the household.

But since then much has changed. What makes a woman a wife is not to be obedient, submissive and to allow a man to lead a relationship. And now men want to find "the very one", and not the home staff in the face of his wife.

We talked with ten men about what makes them want to marry a woman. Here are the motives they called:

1. Strong mutual love

“This is not some kind of romance, but of true love, equally emanating from both partners. This is when a man loves a woman so much that even in a dispute or being angry, he still asks if she took an umbrella to work because it can rain. Similarly, from the woman. In this case, the man definitely sees her future wife in her. "

2. You have an insatiable intellectual curiosity.

“Essentially, I need someone who will challenge and complement me. I do not want to see in the companion my fan or opponent. The ideal woman will understand my strengths and weaknesses and use them correctly, making me better. She must also have an insatiable intellectual curiosity. ”

3. You accept it without reservation.

"This means that a woman completely accepts me as I am - good or bad."

4. You know how to joke

"Sense of humor. This is the most important thing a woman should have if I want to marry her. Of course, I would like her to be kind, sincere, enterprising and the one with whom I would like to share my secrets, but, above all, this sense of humor. Laughter and love - they make relationships long. ”

5. You can cook

“I would like to marry a woman who knows how to cook French pastries well. Not because I want her in the kitchen, but because I do not know how to cook, but food is my passion. If her passion is cooking, and mine is, then we are destined to be together. I would like to say again that I do not share gender stereotypes. Cooking and eating together is sexy. ”

6. You challenge him

“She must challenge me so that with her I become the best version of myself.”

7. You are affectionate.

“There wasn’t much emotional support in my parents' marriage. I think my mom needed to get away from her father. They swore too often, and I never saw them show any kind of affection for each other. I believe that affectionate and loving woman is the one with whom I want to grow old. I do not want my children to wonder why mom and dad never cuddled, kissed and cared for each other, as I always wondered. I want them to know that we love each other, and they were born in this love. ”

8. You have your own life

“In my opinion, a woman with her own life is probably the coolest one to marry. And by “my own life,” I mean her own career, her own company of friends, her independence, her dreams and her collection of at least 15–20 vinyl records. ”

9. You will accept his mistakes from the past.

“I know that this is a cliche, but the future wife for me is the one who loves the worst in me. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and regret it, so if she can love these mistakes and not mind them, then I would call this woman my wife. ”

10. You are attentive to him.

“For me, attentiveness, as one of the“ signs ”of a real wife, can vary from her desire to show her financial stability (thanks, but I still pay myself) to a seductive lace underwear on our first night together. It is so simple, but it speaks of the attitude that I rarely see in women, but would like to see in my future spouse. ”