Fashion failure: bags that look provincial

Fashionistas sincerely believe that to look expensive, the bag must be:

  • High priced and designer;
  • From genuine leather;
  • Medium size - about 30 cm wide;
  • On the frame - a certain geometric shape, with obvious corners, a hard enough surface to knock with your finger;
  • If, instead of a simple leather strap, there is a metal chain, this is a + 100 lane "with the inscription in the most visible place - Michael Kors. Well, if without errors. Palen "Prada", "Chanel", "Louis Vitton" - it's just disrespect for yourself.

    Disco materials

    All shades of silver, gold, metallic multicolor and the like. We will also add here sequins, straziki, pebbles and other sparkles. Paradoxically, but excessive elegance gives a touch of provinciality. Especially for a daily, basic bag. If the soul occasionally requires a holiday, you can get a glamorous clutch “on the way out”, and enjoy this accessory at evening events.

    Doubtful decor

    Snake pockets, draped zebra, leopard and other fauna, inserts of artificial fur, especially bright colors, generous trim with fringe, original applications in the form of webs, skulls, flowers ... And the most "favorite": fluffy pompon or soft toy vaguely reminiscent of a rabbit or a hare hanging on the side of a carbine. How many more wonderful discoveries await us on the streets of cities and towns ...
    Pinterest Avoiding these most common mistakes in the choice of bags, you can be sure that your next purchase will not fall into the category of provincial and cheap.