We update wardrobe, without spending money: 9 tricks from stylists

If your bank account was badly damaged in December, you will have to switch to saving mode. But do not worry, this does not mean that you can not look fashionable. Often it is believed that only money is the key to a great style, but in fact you can look no less fashionable with a limited budget.

There are several simple ways to cut costs, and at the same time achieve a fashionable wardrobe.

So, here are the main tips that will help you to dress fashionably, if you have a limited budget.

Look for your favorite item on the resale site.

Do not want to buy a thing at its full cost? On resale sites such as eBay or Avito, you can find your favorite item, for example, the top from Zara, at a lower price. And while in good condition.

Customize purchased items for sale

The problem of sales often lies in the fact that it rarely leaves the right size for you. So here it is worthwhile to show ingenuity and still buy a dress that you liked, but didn’t fit a little, and make it fit.

Buy a combination or lining skirt

Cheap fabrics tend to stick to the skin or appear transparent, as they are unlined, so buy an inexpensive combination or skirt-lining that can be worn under all your dresses. It will instantly make them look much more expensive.

Save on layering

Layering is an easy way to add personality and make your look fashionable. The secret is to save on those things of the image, from which the emphasis is shifted.

Start a tradition of sharing things

If you cannot sell clothes on the Internet, start a tradition of sharing clothes with your friends (who have the same size and similar style with you). For example, every six months you can temporarily exchange one another for a wardrobe. Surely, you already know this trick from your youth.

Sell ​​things you don’t wear

If you are willing to take the time to sell your old clothes, you can earn more than you think. Just sort out the mechanisms and Internet services that will help you sell your items profitably.

Men's things can be cheaper

Men's clothes are often much cheaper than women's clothes, so in the men's section you should buy basic things like a white shirt or a unisex T-shirt (yes, in the men's section it can cost much less). By the way, for complete savings, you can conduct an audit in the closet of your man.

Think creatively about style

Combine different prints, wear dresses as tops, tucked under the skirt ... Deviation from the rules can often work in your favor.