9 secrets for avoiding women who, even in 50, look like 30


Elastic skin in 50 - the dream of the majority and the result of years of effort. But what about women who have just come face to face with rapid wilting? Certainly do not despair if genetics has not endowed you with eternally young skin and for many years the hands did not reach to care for it. It is necessary to study all the subtleties of mature skin care and patiently, step by step, move towards the goal.

Menopause is not a reason to give up

The onset of menopause is inevitable. Do not give in to him, you should prepare and meet fully armed. Consultation specialist will help you choose the means to combat the negative manifestations of menopausal syndrome. Replenishing the missing hormones will have a beneficial effect not only on the body’s work, but also on the condition of the skin.
@ menopausesupplements Be sure to indulge yourself with soothing teas from chamomile or valerian - a calm and positive attitude can work wonders with your appearance.

Struggle with bad habits

With age, the skin does not forgive disregard for yourself. To preserve the freshness of the face, to avoid morning swelling, it is necessary to take food 4-5 hours before bedtime. Allow at least 8 hours for rest, as over the years all processes in the body slow down and it takes longer to recover.

50 years is a time of decisive abandonment of cigarettes that form a grid of wrinkles, and minimizing the consumption of alcohol, dehydrating the body.
@ carolinelabouchereEven if you exercise regularly, after 35 the metabolism slows down inexorably and you should avoid eating frills, preferring simple food, vegetable dishes.

Water and youth are inseparable

Compliance with the drinking regime is an excellent help in maintaining youth and vigorous condition of all systems, especially skin. Women from 30 to 50 years of average height and build to moisturize all skin layers should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. If you wish, as long as possible to maintain the clarity of the oval, you need to add another 2 cups.

Good makeup time

It is time to understand that children's cream will not help get rid of wrinkles and save on cosmetics will not succeed. Elegant age requires high-quality and effective care products. Here, as with insurance - the more years, the more costly.

Seriously, it is necessary to approach the choice of not only cream, but also decorative cosmetics, which should also have a nourishing composition.

Sun protection

You must protect yourself from the aggressive sun at any age. But the older, the greater the need for protection, especially the face. Pay attention to the protective factor when choosing cosmetics. In addition to new wrinkles and the threat of melanoma, active rays can provoke hyperpigmentation. Remember that even in winter, solar activity is high.

Makeup is not always appropriate.

You should accustom yourself to nightly removal of decorative cosmetics, fatigue can not be an excuse. After all, a thorough cleansing and further toning free the skin from dead cells, accumulated dust, allowing it to breathe.

The skin should be pampered more often, using mineral water or decoction of herbs for washing.

Moisturizing Head

Age skin more than others needs to be hydrated during the day and nutrition at night. Means must have a concentrated composition in order to fill it with its beneficial substances. You should love hyaluronic acid, which can not only saturate the skin with moisture, but also hold it for a long time.

"New" skin

With age, peels are required to preserve youth and stimulate regenerative processes. After all, after the procedure, the dermis easily assimilates all the vitamins and minerals.
@ medidermaproCleaning home procedures - this is excellent, but in the autumn-winter period, you should entrust the specialist exfoliation process, releasing the deeper layers.

Skillful fingers

Well, if you periodically pamper your face and body with a massage. If you do not have this habit, then it's time to start it. The skin will be grateful even for a simple tapping and tingling session. These manipulations have a beneficial effect, increase blood circulation, stimulating the process of regeneration and strengthening of the muscle frame.
@ bellewaveswitzerland Remember that all procedures require regularity. Even if your skin is not spoiled by leaving from youth, it will definitely respond with a flowering view of care. And do not forget about the smile that is associated with youth.