5 things every woman with short hair should know

We will not deny: short haircuts look very stylish in any case, regardless of whether it is shoulder-length forehead or boyish pixie. But there are several universal truths that every woman with a short haircut should follow.

Find an experienced stylist

High-quality haircut is important for any hair length, but in the case of short haircuts especially, because there is no waste path - you need to cut it for sure, otherwise the stylist’s mistakes will be difficult to fix. Make sure you contact a specialist who is well versed in short hair and takes into account the texture of your hair. Fortunately, today almost every stylist on the Instagram page has examples of his work, so you can decide who is best to trust with your strands.

Trim the tips more often.

When you have long hair, you can not cut the ends of hair even half a year. But in the case of a short haircut it does not work. On short strands, every extra centimeter or two can solve everything, for example turning a stylish bob into an unkempt square. Therefore, plan your haircut ends every three to five weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Think Strategically About Color

If you plan to lighten your hair for the summer, be sure to do it after the haircut, so that your stylist can adjust the color to suit your new style. For example, to make the roots slightly darker, and the strands of the face - lighter. So hair will look more voluminous and will not seem dull.

Adjust the beauty mode

Usually, the shorter your hair, the faster it becomes greasy - this means that you may have to wash it more often. In addition, on short hair, you most likely will need to apply less care products, such as oils. Thus, pay attention to how your hair feels, and if necessary, change your beauty mode.

Set aside hot tools

Daily shrinking of short hair can damage it pretty much. So put the hair dryer and ironing to the side and learn the art of drying hair in a natural way and styling it with the help of special sprays and mousses.