Forbidden feeling: 5 things that a married man's lover should remember


Falling in love with an already married man is one of the most common fears of girls. As a rule, all the best representatives of the stronger sex are already engaged and married. But what to do if you inadvertently fell in love with an already busy gentleman? What will the affair with a married man lead to, and is it worth fighting for your happiness?

A love affair with a married man

Office romance only at first glance, a carefree and joyful event (as shown in the film of the same name). In fact, falling in love with a already married colleague is a real disaster for many girls! The fact is that such relationships are unpredictable and not quite clear. What aggravates the situation is that you always need to keep your feelings with you. After all, curious colleagues will do everything to ensure that the official wife of a man finds out and conveys information to her at the speed of sound.

A novel at work with a married partner very rarely ends happily for a mistress. Most often, a young man, playing enough, returns to a quiet family haven.

The mistress of a married man. Practical advice

It is hardly possible to find such girls who intentionally choose an already married man as a partner. However, if this happened to you, do not despair and remember the basic tips:

Do not meddle in the family life of a lover with questions

As a rule, men share little with mistresses about the true relationship with his wife. And if they answer the question about the family, it is often a lie.

Do not spend on gifts

The chosen one will still not use the watch given by you or wear the tie chosen by his mistress. This can lead to suspicious views from the wife and, as a result, the emergence of scandals in the family. For an already married partner, the best gift is you in beautiful lace underwear.

Do not become the second wife

The man went left obviously not in search of a woman like his wife. He was looking for a mistress who would give him affection, ease and care. Therefore, treat such relationships easier.

Do not put a cheater in the center of the universe

In addition to work go to the gym, meet with friends, spend time with loved ones. Let someone's unfaithful husband himself adapts to your busy schedule.

Remember that the legal spouse always comes first

Even if they had sex last time a year ago, even if they do not communicate, it’s all the same - the wife will remain the most important person for your chosen one. Therefore, to strongly become attached to a married partner is not worth it.

Fell in love with a married man. What to do?

Condemn women who destroy relationships and act as mistresses, many. But after all, everyone has the right to happiness. And if your chosen one really does not see the future with his legitimate spouse, then why not continue the relationship with him?

If you are confused and do not know how to proceed, answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Do I need this?
  • Do I really want to suffer until he leaves the spouse (if he leaves at all)?
  • Am I confident that this relationship will be successful for me?
  • Is there any guarantee that someday he will not change me in the same way?

If all the questions you clearly answered "Yes" and no longer think of life without a lover, take heart. Accept the fact that you have to suffer for a long time. Divorce is a very serious step for men. And they go to him for a very long time. You should not constantly cut this occasion lover. Otherwise, he would rather leave you than his own wife.

If you are not sure that you are ready to continue to be a mistress, leading the struggle for an official stamp in your passport, try changing the situation. For a while, stop communicating with your partner (explain to him this with an urgent business trip or a homing of relatives). Go to another city, walk, meet with friends. And best of all, visit the hot countries where you can twist a holiday romance with a handsome man who will completely beat out a married man from your heart. Make your life rich. And at the moment of small breaks between new impressions, again ask the question: “Do you really need it?”.

Can a relationship with a married man become something big?

According to statistics, only 11% of married men leave their wives and build a happy family with their former mistress. The remaining 89% return to a quiet family haven in the arms of their spouse. Relationship with a married man can be something big. But this is a big rarity.

Yes, and confidence that a serious relationship with a former traitor will be happy, no. After a while, he will also get tired of his mistress, and everything will go around again. Therefore, it is better not to get involved with such representatives of the stronger sex. And if it happened to fall in love - drive this feeling out of your heart and thoughts as soon as possible!

Love yourself! Next to you should be a decent man who is not capable of adultery and is always faithful to his choice!

And never forget the simple truth: “You cannot build happiness on someone else’s happiness”.