Cons marriage with men of different signs of the zodiac



Aries man constantly goes from one extreme to another. He simply did not hear about the so-called golden middle, so he expects his partner to be ready to lead the same extreme life. Aries, as a rule, is either too ambitious for something, or completely indifferent.


Taurus man is incredibly stubborn. He is accustomed to his order of action and does not seek to change it. His views and beliefs are beyond question and do not allow him to look at the situation from a different angle. Taurus is constantly focused on his own ideas and will not tolerate possible oppositions.


Male twins do not differ much gullibility. Next to you, they can instantly get bored, and you, in turn, will torture again and again to support their interest in themselves. Otherwise, you risk losing it once and for all.


Cancer Man is too emotional and sensitive. Because of this, he is constantly offended at everything. You have not yet met a more dependent man who needs his partner. Male Cancers are incredibly caring, but will always require no less attention from you. Cancers need to have a partner you can rely on in everything.

a lion

Lions - the main egoists of the zodiac. If you ever met them, you probably could have paid attention to it. Lions always think only of themselves, no matter how much they love you. They certainly will not neglect their needs for the sake of the happiness of their partner.


Man-Virgo has always been distinguished by excessive demands on his partner. This is dangerous because the Virgos will constantly demand that you comply with these standards, implying that you do not meet his high expectations. Every time you have to literally overtake yourself to get the approval of your partner.


Male Libra will behave extremely changeable in relationships. He wants so much to please everyone and everyone that he is ready to crawl out and pay attention to what he should not. If he thinks that you are demanding something from him that is unlikely to please others, he will not rush to meet your needs.


Scorpio men are incredibly mysterious. They always set their partners impossible tasks in terms of moving relations to a new level. Scorpios to the last will not want to let you into their lives, despite the fact that you will already be in a serious relationship.


Obligation was never necessary for male Streltsov. There is no more freedom-loving sign of the zodiac than Sagittarius. He often does not fulfill his promises and forgets about your important requests.


Capricorn men focus only on their work. Of course, they, like decent family men, are ready to give all their efforts to relationships, but their career will always come first. All because of their inherent ambition and dedication.


Male Aquarius are not used to expressing their emotions. Aquarians do not have at all how to deal with their feelings, and they are not fully aware of them. As a result, Aquarius, like robots, are unable to correctly interpret the emotions and feelings of their partner.


From time to time Pisces men need to return to reality. They are too dreamy and do not allow themselves to take what is happening around seriously. Such an approach can be extremely dangerous if you are planning to plan your future together.