6 female tricks to let the man drive away from you

The main rule of the beginning of a relationship is not to judge by how your first date went. After all, then everything will depend on you: whether the man will run after you or reduce all communication to nothing.

1. Get lost for a while

Even if your date went very well, do not rush to go to the next one immediately. Just disappear for a while: do not answer calls, do not respond to messages, and do not be fooled by persuasion to meet. Let him suffer a little, think what he did wrong, get bored with you. And then you can suddenly appear and make yourself known again.

2. Be unavailable

The first three months of the relationship - the best time to build a muslin lady. Do not let the man too close at once and do not let him too much. Keep a reasonable distance and keep in mind the rule that the best first kiss will happen only on the third date.

3. Don't be too intrusive.

Yes, an active girl is good, but in moderation. Make sure that in the development of your novel, the initiative is shown by a man, not you. Do not call him too often, throw cute messages and insist on meetings. In contrast to the active position, female annoyance scares men.

4. Do not admire him.

To admire a man, to tell him how handsome, good, and noble he is is to fuel his self-esteem, which he probably has in abundance. Be a little detached and take all his wooing and pleasant gestures for granted. Let him not swell from a sense of self-importance.

5. Awaken Jealousy in Him

Provocation for jealousy is the best way to provoke and stir up his feelings. Easy flirting with other men, sweet smile, shooting eyes - and now he is angry and angry that his woman does not like only him. Of course, be careful and do not go too far, or the provocation can end very sadly.

6. Be yourself

Do not try to prove to him that you are not at all like all the women around you. Usually the result of this is just the opposite — you simply merge into the faceless set of “I am different.” Just allow yourself to be yourself, because this is what makes you unique, unique, and unlike the rest.