9 symptoms of unreliable men, which you better see on time


Strong and lasting love relationships are impossible without mutual trust. However, sometimes a woman’s confidence can play against her if her partner takes advantage. This happens more often when it is difficult to see his true face - a man seems so reliable.

Here are some of your fan traits that indicate that he should not be trusted.

1. Excessive charm

A man who seems unusually sweet and charming always leaves on the level of intuition some doubt and a feeling that something is wrong with him. In most cases, then it turns out that such partners are carefully hidden betrayal, which can take you by surprise. Pay attention and you will understand that they are just interested to learn more about you, without giving any information about themselves in response.

Most likely, later their true intentions will be revealed, but by that time you will already be entangled in a relationship with them.

2. Lack of sympathy

The ability to deceive and offend people indicates a lack of empathy with a partner. Sensitive men, on the contrary, will not be able to stab in the back carelessly, because they are aware of the pain they can cause. It makes them step back and think.

3. Narcissism

For a narcissus, nothing in this universe is more important than himself, all others exist only to carry out his orders. Naturally, this makes him a man who cannot be trusted. He will never admit his mistakes and will find the reasons why it will seem to you that you made the wrong choice. Trusting them will surely end up breaking your heart, because he cares only about his own ego.

4. The inability to keep secrets

A man is not trustworthy if he shares something intimate and confidential with others, which others have told him about. With a probability of 99.9%, he already does the same with the secrets you could tell him. He likes to be aware of all the events so that he can share lush rumors and gossip to become more popular. He does not keep anything secret. Disclosing such information, he hopes to contact a large number of people, showing them that they are especially close to him.

5. Inconstancy in everything

Being indecisive is very different from impermanence. Indecision affects people when it comes to small things and when all decisions seem equally good. But changeable people you can never trust, no matter how important they are. They continue to fluctuate between all extremes, and no one can be sure that they will remain loyal to you.

6. Brazen lies

Beware of a man who constantly lies in your face. He nods to everything you say, but disagrees with you mentally. He can superficially praise you because he thinks that he can get something from communicating with you.

If something goes wrong in your life, and you can no longer offer him anything, he will stop communicating with you before you find out about it. Most likely, you will never see him again.

7. Duplicity

Bipartite men will behave differently with everyone, and you can never be sure of them. They will be able to leave you for someone else. Before you, they will be completely sweet and sweet, but behind your back they will begin to criticize you. Trusting them means that the whole world will soon learn all your secrets.

8. Tendency to insults

At first, they will be nice to you, but there will always be signs that something is wrong with them. It will take some time for their mask to worn away, exposing the true person beneath. If you trust them, they will try to control you and your actions. Watch how they interact with other people, so that you will not be taken by surprise and you can break off the relationship before your trust gives them power over you.

9. They avoid you in public.

These people will be very friendly with you when you are alone with them or in a place where nobody knows them. However, they will avoid you when you are in the same place with other people who know them. If they do this, they probably want something from you. As soon as they get what they have, they will leave without thinking about the pain that their betrayal will cause you.

You will often meet people with the traits described above. Just be careful of someone you trust and remember that there are a lot of really good people waiting for you to find them.

Just remember this, wherever you go and whenever you meet someone for the first time. Remember that you do not have to strangers and do not feel embarrassed if you remain restrained for some time, especially if you feel that something is wrong with this person. Trust your instincts, because they, as a rule, will not let you down and will be ready to protect you from danger.