11 golden rules of life for a woman who knows her worth


Although most of us are not born with incredible self-esteem, this is something that should be developed as quickly as possible. Knowing that you are valuable means being a strong, independent, cool woman who always does the following:

1. She always puts herself first.

A worthy woman knows that putting herself first does not mean that she does not care about others or that she is selfish. Rather, she knows that first and foremost, the satisfaction of her needs makes her a happier person who, thanks to this, is capable of good relations with others.

2. She confirms her expectations.

The only expectations that a woman who knows herself should fulfill are her own. It sets its standards and expectations and works at its own pace. No one tells her who she is or who she should be. In the end, she knows that she is responsible for her own life, so only she leads the parade.

3. It sets boundaries when necessary.

A woman who knows her worth is aware when to set boundaries with people who do not make her life better and do not increase her self-esteem. She protects herself, her heart and her head at any cost. She will never suffer because of fools of her own free will.

4. She selects those who should stay in her life.

A worthy woman does not allow everyone to enter her life and stay. She surrounds herself with people who help her to feel alive and vibrant and does not allow anyone who takes away these feelings from her to remain in her life.

5. People respect her, especially in relationships

Respect is necessary and non-negotiable. A woman who knows her virtues refuses to let other people treat her worse than she needs. This is due to respect for her individuality, intelligence, career, home. Respect is one of the key factors in a successful relationship, and she will not agree to someone who does not give her what she deserves.

6. She believes in her potential.

Sometimes in life, the only person you have is yourself. A woman who knows she deserves the best understands this and stays true to herself every day. She believes in herself at all costs, especially because the envious people continue to hate her. She knows that the only person who can make her life as she wants is herself.

7. She forgives herself for choosing bad people in her life.

It is important. Sometimes a woman who knows her worth makes a not-so-good life choice, but she always forgives herself. Of course, she will have to take stock of what she has done. She recognizes the lesson, promises to do better next time and moves on.

8. It invests in its future.

Woman "for a million" finds a way to invest in their future. It could be something big, such as buying a house or getting a higher position, or something small, such as moving to her own rented apartment or putting off small amounts every month. Whatever it is, such a woman finds ways to invest in herself and her future, so as not to depend on the man.

9. She is sure of everything

It's complicated. How to be sure if you do not feel like that? Well, a woman who knows her worth, will focus on something that will give her confidence, even if it is something not serious, and finds a way to increase confidence.

10. She knows when to say no.

A woman who is familiar with dignity is not afraid to say no to someone. The crowd did not shake it, it did not follow the others. She knows what she likes and what doesn't. She knows that always saying “yes” to people and events, when she really does not want this, will deprive her of her dignity. Saying no is a sign of a powerful, cool woman.

11. She has great opportunities

It is about preparedness for all the difficulties that it faces. She sees an incredible opportunity and rushes to her, and does not shy away from her. From love and acquaintances to her career, a decent woman understands that there are many opportunities and that at any moment she can simply lose if she does not risk something.