Not expensive, but rich: 9 things from Ikea that add value to a house

We decided to devote this material to interior items that can increase the value of your house or apartment at times even for a minimal budget. And of course, in search of such things, we went to the Ikea store, which is famous for its stylish, high-quality, but completely inexpensive products.


This dish stand, which can be purchased at any Ikea point of sale, has become a real favorite among hostesses who prefer to combine aesthetics and convenience. And, if you still cannot afford a fully equipped kitchen set, then this rack will be your salvation.

Curtains on the rings

Another favorite that looks much more expensive than it actually costs is the curtains on the rings. To make them look even more stylish, we advise you to hang them with the help of special clamping rings. Believe me, now your windows will be the subject of admiration of all who will come to visit you.

Photo frame

In Ikea, we found a lot of excellent basic frames at a very cheap price, which can be the main tool in decorating the interior, masking the flaws of repairs and simply fixing pleasant memories in different parts of your home. By the way, if you are a creative person who does not mind making some individual strokes into the interior, then not only photos can be inserted into the frames, but also various stylish trifles, like old ropes or unnecessary decorations.

Artificial plants

Today, it is difficult to find beautiful artificial plants, also within a reasonable cost. But is there anything else that can decorate any space in an instant, like flowers. But most of the ones we saw in Ikea actually look very convincing. We offer to fill your house with bright colors or no one ever guesses that they are artificial. (Ikea always changes artificial plants for new ones every 6 months or so.).

Hanging lamp

As you know, the more light in the room, so it becomes more comfortable and spacious. Therefore, you should look at this pendant lamp, which is not for nothing, so quickly bought up.


We so loved using Billy bookcases for built-in modules that we installed two of these! It is much easier and cheaper if you use already assembled cabinets, than to assemble them from scratch.


Surely, you have repeatedly paid attention to posters and paintings, walking through the corridors of Ikea, but you never dared or even thought about buying one of them for yourself. It seems the time has come! They will not hit your wallet, but they will create the effect of a true connoisseur in your apartment.

White Dinnerware

If you can not afford porcelain or exclusive tableware, then you should not try to acquire their likeness. It is better to stop the choice on laconic white ware from Ikea, which will serve you for a long time and will become another stylish thing in your home.

Containers and baskets

Containers from Ikea are my favorites for storing cereals in our pantry. The container is made of glass, so we don’t need to worry about any plastic chemicals. I also use their baskets quite often, mainly because I like their gray color.