In the language of love: three words from the mouth of a man who express feelings

Sometimes a woman is not easy to navigate the feelings of a man and it is even more difficult to understand the meaning of the words spoken.

Each of us has our own preferences. Perhaps you know a couple of women who consider offensive when men call them sexy. It can be women who simply feel discomfort when they admire their sex appeal. But there are other women who get real pleasure from the fact that their men call them sexy. The message that men see them as a sexual object increases their self-esteem. Other women prefer to be called just pretty.

There are those who want to be called beautiful. Although for sure all women want their elects to address them like that. But it is interesting that each of them will perceive these words in their own way, because they will never carry the same meaning for all.

Similarly, for men. Men behave in different situations depending on the nature of their character. Therefore, in order to understand the meaning of the words sounding from him, it is necessary to take into account not only the age of your chosen one, but also other circumstances of his life that affect your relationship. However, if you are at a loss and you need help in deciphering what was said to you by a man, then this article is for you.

It will be about three words that are already mentioned above. To be clean: what does the man mean by calling you cute, sexy or beautiful?

Sweetie: it's simple and it's open

“Honey” is a very easy compliment that most women do not scare or embarrass at all. Whenever a man tries to get acquainted with a woman, it is likely that he will use the word “sweetheart” as a preliminary compliment.

This is a lot of poetry and motive. Imagine that a man approaches you and says that you are incredibly sexy. An ordinary stranger. And he is very straightforward in his intentions towards you. How will you respond to this? Well, for starters, you may be shocked, and probably consider him a bastard.

You can say that he is a pervert, and automatically conclude that only your body has attracted him. However, if a guy comes up and tells you that you look cute, this will probably turn you on. There is some ambiguity in this word, because of which guys often use it.

It is impossible to say for sure if he means that you have a cute aura, cute facial features, or simply you are a sweet nature. It confuses you and keeps you hooked. Guys use this term when they want to get your attention.

Sexy: may have many subtexts

In most cases, what has been said always has a big hidden meaning. It’s impossible to always know exactly what he means by calling you sexy. If you like him, you should bear in mind 15 meanings that he can address you.

We can assume that, calling you sexy, he wants to make a compliment to your slim body or attractive facial features. But it's not always the case. Sometimes a woman may just be naturally sexy: not because of how she looks, but because of how she behaves.

Perhaps you just cause such a reaction in general. Sexuality is not about how big a breast or a beautiful bottom a girl has. It is not always a matter of external beauty of the body and the lines of bending. So you can describe the spiritual beauty and your way of showing yourself to the world.

Beautiful in the end

This word may be the most attractive because it carries the most profound meaning. As soon as a man decides to let this compliment go to your address, this means that you have the perfect combination of cute and at the same time sexual nature.

This is a way to show that he believes that you have a beautiful soul and that you are a beautiful person with whom he wants to get close. He calls you beautiful because he has managed to appreciate many aspects of your personality and admires them.