5 models of coats in which you will admire yourself in every mirror

Today it is difficult to imagine our life without a cozy coat. Coat is a story, the story of your walks in a cool park, warm touches, this is the romance of travel and memories.

Indigo Coat

At the weekend, you want to wrap yourself in a soft wool coat and go on foot to the long-awaited meeting with friends. The fitted silhouette will emphasize your figure and allow you to wear your favorite dress or elegant pants under your coat.
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Wool coat with hood

“Wear a hat” is a phrase familiar to us from childhood. We grew up, and many have not taken root in the winter wardrobe. This model of a coat with a hood is a practical and convenient solution: it will not let your hair get tattered and protect you from the weather. And mom praises for wisdom.
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Stylish cream coat

Agree, there are such amazing days when it seems that the whole world is at your feet, and you are the heroine of a beautiful romantic film. A cream coat will convey your mood to others, and a coat model that was so loved by the Audrey Hepburn style icon will highlight your exquisite taste.
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Powder pink coat

Inviting to a winter date is always a bit exciting: I want to look romantic and gentle, and not freeze if the date lasts for an evening walk under the stars. A woolen coat with a belt is always warm. Be careful: the powdery shade of the coat will tell about your female fragility and refinement.
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Coat with zipper

Going on a business trip in the winter or a trip, we always experience the agony of choice: it is not easy to combine convenience, practicality, non-staining color and not to crumple. Coat with a zipper is suitable in all respects.
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