5 reasons why you can not get married


Have you ever wondered why I am not married yet? Have you ever heard this question from relatives, friends and acquaintances? If yes, then this article is for you!

Can't get married. Is there something wrong with me?

As a rule, the answer to the question about the reason for the lack of a number of men women always try to find in themselves. "What is wrong with me?", "Why am I so unhappy in love?" Arguments on these topics are conducted by ladies, who already have some experience in relationships, but are still alone.

5 reasons why you are still not married

Something is wrong with me

Stop asking this question. With you all so much. And as soon as you stop hating yourself, all that is wrong, your life will immediately change.

In search of the perfect prince

It is quite difficult for very discriminating and fastidious girls to find a serious partner. There are no perfect people. And do not sift out candidates for your hands and heart just because they somehow do not laugh like that or do not have their own castle.

You are selfish

If you are initially looking for a man to perform certain tasks, then it is unlikely that your search will be married with success. If young people fall in love with selfish women, they very soon realize that such a relationship will lead them to “no-ku-da!”.

I can do everything myself!

Men are afraid of independent young ladies who deal with every problem themselves. Allow yourself to be tender and tender in the presence of a male.

Bad examples

Perhaps you are not surrounded by the happiest couples. The consequence of observing them becomes the appearance of aversion to relationships at the subconscious level. You may madly want to get married, but at the same time unconsciously fear it (an oxymoron of our day). Therefore, do not equate all under one line. Someone unhappy in a relationship? It is their fault. You will be different!

Married after 35 - reality or fiction?

Many women who have crossed the threshold of 35 years, put an end to the possibility of building a marriage. They do everything, but not personal life. Is it correct? Hardly. Alexander Sergeevich once said: "All ages are submissive to love." Oh, how right he was!

After 35 years, the status of unmarried women falls into two categories:

  • “I'm somehow not so inferior and will always be lonely”: This position is suitable for girls who have never had a chance to get married.
  • “I don’t want to step on the same rake”: but this statement is typical for women who have unsuccessfully married and now equate the entire male sex under his ex.

At this age, the main thing - do not give up. Do not start 20 cats and forget about the word "makeup." If you really want to be happy in marriage - you will be! But this will not happen if you are constantly at work or at home. Visit corporate parties, register in social networks, try popular dating sites. Show yourself to the community. Do not be afraid of it!

Will they marry me with a child?

Since when did a child become a hindrance to building relationships? Remember, if a man falls in love with you, he will accept everything: a complex character, strange behavior and of course children! The main thing is not to scare him at the very beginning of the relationship. It is not necessary at the first dates to talk exclusively about the difficulties of choosing baby food and that your child recently got the first tooth. Want to check what his father will be? You are welcome! But not immediately ... Men, of course, warriors, but they are afraid of sudden changes in their lives.

Of course, you will need to warn a potential husband about their children. But just talking about them is not worth much. It is unlikely that a man dreamed of becoming a father on the first date. It is important for young people to realize that it is of interest to the woman, and not that she chose him only for the role of the father to her child.

Making the choice right!

When choosing a future husband, you should not forget that you are looking for a loved one, and not just a comfortable man. Do not go headlong into the first sentence about the relationship, if you do not feel for the person. Yes, maybe you will get used to it, “get your hands on” each other and you will live well and be happy. But did this Vvy dreamed? Do you need a relationship in this case?

Choose a man with your heart. And even if your chosen one is imperfect in something, it is not scary. Princes are only in fairy tales. And you need to love and be loved in real life!