4 signs that make you incredibly seductive for a man

There are many books about female sexuality, smart and not-so-many articles, a lot of words are said. This is a phenomenon that is savored now almost at every step, causing controversy, discussion and critical moments. But what exactly is sexuality?

That sexuality that is inherent in us by nature, and not by cosmetics and plastic surgery. That sexuality that excites and makes men fall to our feet. This is not one separate quality, but several. Each of the "components", interacting with the other, and creates the same temperedness, which attracts a man.


Of course, men are mostly visuals, and the expression that they love with their eyes fully justifies itself. Sexual signals in the male head is exactly the appearance of a woman. According to numerous surveys and studies, in the first place among the most exciting features are the chest (and size really does not matter), lips, legs (especially the ankles), thighs, smooth skin, wrists, healthy teeth. In principle, this list can be continued for a long time, because for every man the parameters will vary. But the fact that appearance plays a key, though not the most important, role in male arousal is how to drink.


This includes clothes, shoes, hair - in general, everything that creates the appearance of a woman. Yes, all this is an outer gloss and a beautiful wrapper, but it is very effective in affecting men. This includes feminine dresses, well-groomed hair, neat manicure, the right makeup, high-heeled shoes, and so on. Note that there are no screaming mini-colors, a killer color, and translucent outfits. All this does not look seductive, but went cheap.

Demeanor and energy

Here our women's tricks are revealed with might and main, with which we enchant men. Laughter, smile, goodwill, brilliant eyes, interest in the interlocutor, politeness, modesty - all these are very effective tools that, moreover, men consider incredibly sexy. It is not even the appearance that attracts, but the inner attractiveness of a woman, her energy and self-confidence, the ability to win over.

Women's "chips"

This includes such purely female skills that men often see in their fantasies, but rarely admit. For example, flexibility, grace, ability to dance beautifully, light walk. That is, physical abilities that each woman can develop in herself if she wishes. For example, the ability to dance striptease will help a woman not only in the art of seduction, but also to say goodbye to many complexes that prevent her from carrying her attractiveness.

Psychologists emphasize that anyone can become sexual in the best sense of the word. Yes, this will have to work hard and on their inner world, and on external features. And the result - confidence in his irresistible and admiring gaze of a man - is worth such efforts.