3 inconspicuous techniques that smart women attract men


If you are the same as most modern women, you may think that in our society it is you who are obliged to invite a man for a date. As a rule, such an opinion is formed for one of these three reasons:

1. You have always been told that men and women are equal, so you see no reason not to invite the man you liked for a date. The man who interests you seems to be interested in you too, but he hasn't invited you for a date for too long. You believe that you can also take the first step to start a relationship.

2. You think that the man who interests you is especially shy, so you want to ease the situation for both of you by taking the initiative to invite him on a date.

3. In the end, you climbed the career ladder to succeed. And relationships are just another situation where you can win, right? Not really. The dynamics of romantic relationships between men and women are not so simple.

As for gender equality, dating is a marriage ritual, rooted in biology, which now seems to be an archaic return to the times of cavemen. And the truth is that you simply can not take the foundation laid in human DNA in the issue of relationships.

To understand how DNA is related to building relationships, we must understand the caveman. At the dawn of the human race, men were hunters. They took the initiative to hunt, feed and protect the family. And women gathered plants, gave birth to children and raised them. Okay, maybe they cleaned the cave some more.

The instinct to take responsibility, to be dominant and to hunt remains embedded in the DNA of men and now. This is what is meant when it is said that the basis of DNA cannot be excluded from a relationship:

1. If he is an alpha male, his instinct is to dominate the relationship.

A true alpha male prefers to follow traditions - he chooses a woman and takes responsibility for caring for her.

When you change roles and invite this alpha male for a date, he will be interested and he will be flattered. He might even think he was lucky. That is what many men think. But this does not mean that he will consider you as a serious candidate for creating long-term relationships.

When you invite him on a date and then pay for it, you take on the traditional male role. Suppose he says yes and goes with you for the first time. How do you get the chance to see him again? If you invite him again, you will create an ambiguous atmosphere - and now you will officially pursue it.

2. Alpha males do not like being wooed by women.

This goes against their alpha male instincts to take responsibility. He does not want to give you the opportunity to surpass him and dominate his world. It makes him feel less courageous.

Sometimes, if you invite a man for a date, and he thinks that meeting you is a good idea, he himself begins to seek you out and asks for a second date. If this happens, let him take responsibility from now on, because this is the only chance you have to meet with him and build a relationship.

If you need fleeting meetings or frivolous relationships, inviting a man on a date is a great idea, because you are not looking for a long-term relationship. So it does not matter who is seeking whom. But if you are looking for love, the best advice for dating will be to allow men to dominate and ask for meetings.

Most importantly, understand that if he does not invite you for a date, it is only because he does not want. Otherwise, he would have done so. Yes, everything is very simple.

3. A man invests in a woman when he must conquer her.

This is the goal of “chase”, which is why dating experts implore you not to give up everything for a man or to be too accessible. A little inaccessibility makes you more interesting and more attractive. This awakens his hunting instincts, returning him to the habits of the caveman.

Do not bother him to seek you. When you invite him for a date or are too accessible for him, you destroy the challenge and the pleasure of chasing. People are looking for sensations in which they can feel like winners.

Where is the possible victory for him if you invite him on a date? Where are the thrill if you take the initiative to push for it? None of this confirms his masculine identity. Instead, he creates a competitive situation that will never lead to a romantic relationship. Remember: it attracts your femininity.

The key to communicating with a strong, decisive, successful man is to rely on your feminine charm. It excites his masculine energy, attracts him to you, makes him want you and conquer you.

These basics have been encoded in your female DNA to ensure the survival of the species. This refers to your attractiveness, shyness, warmth and playful flirtatious manners that attract him to you. Your feminine energy is strong and difficult to resist when you know how to work with it.

How to make a man love you and get his attention? Your feminine charm is the right answer. Your feminine charm is especially difficult to resist when you radiate confidence in your attractiveness and consider yourself a "gift."

Follow these 3 simple steps that smart women use to meet as many good men as possible:

1. Be moderately flirtatious. It will be easier for men to approach you.

2. Be friendly. Stay open and make friendly conversations with handsome men who grab your attention.

3. Be playful. A carefree attitude will not allow you to take this too seriously, and because of this, everything will become much more fun. Soon you will understand how seductive for men your carefree manners.

To find your love, do not try to deal with what is inherent in you from nature - use it to your advantage. You will be more successful in relationships with men and get much more pleasure on the way to finding the love you dream about.