Needs from life for each sign of the zodiac



All Aries are incredibly independent and love adventures. The main thing for them is to always have a clearly set goal. As long as they have the opportunity to work in order to achieve what they have long dreamed of, they will save energy and motivation to move forward. In addition, they should always be motivated to put more and more effort, always have to do something. Aries can even become depressed if they realize that they have nothing to strive for.


Taurus has special feelings for all his things, considering them invaluable. Their main need is to feel their own importance. Nothing brings them more joy than an awareness of their own importance. When they receive expensive gifts, they perceive them as a recognition of their own value. However, this does not mean at all that Tauruses value the material component above the rest, since their need for recognition is able to satisfy everything, starting from physical attraction and ending with joint pastime.


Twins most of all want to be understood. Most of the others, as a rule, do not seek to know a person more deeply, being wont to judge by what is obvious at first glance. That is why Gemini often consider themselves to be undervalued victims of the opinions of others, which formed not the most pleasant reputation. This is what motivates them to look for someone who can finally understand their true nature.


The main need of Cancers is the need to feel confident in all areas of their lives. Confidence in the future and peace of mind are a priority for them. It is this need that makes Rakov work harder than anyone and achieve his goals. Therefore, if you suddenly let slip that you don’t have enough money to pay for an apartment next month, be prepared to hear from Rakov a whole lecture on disapproval of this.

a lion

Leo loves to be admired and thanked. Nothing brings them more pleasure than praise from dear people. A simple “thank you” can instantly improve their mood. Words of approval, at times, act on them as an aphrodisiac. However, you should never take good Lions for granted. Do not skimp on compliments, and they certainly do not stint on their care and gladly share with you everything they own.


Virgos are perfectionists, so critics from the side of others are insanely afraid and are constantly trying to raise their self-esteem. However, they themselves can be incredibly critical of the imperfections of other people. In fact, they are their most severe critics, who often feel the need to be able to relax, allowing themselves to at least occasionally stifle their inner critic and let go of the situation.


Libra values ​​relationship and equality most of all, but their main need is to be accepted. They are quite sociable, and any manifestation of disagreement or disharmony can upset them. Especially they do not like to realize that they may not like someone, so they always extremely painfully perceive situations in which they are clearly ignored. However, if they instantly manage to find a common language with a stranger or have a great time at an event, they feel out of place, and their need to be accepted finally gets satisfaction.


Scorpios always need to have someone on their side. A partner who will support these emotional personalities in everything is simply irreplaceable. Scorpios often feel lonely, always expecting a trick or betrayal by others. It is their inherent fear of betrayal that creates the need for emotional support. Most often they get it from their loved ones, which they can rely on in any situation.


Sagittarius values ​​trust and honesty most of all, therefore the ability to trust your partner is fundamental for them. Their desire to get to the bottom of the truth sometimes works to the detriment of other people's interests, while Sagittarius are not popular in certain circles. They tend to make public not the most pleasant facts about life in general, and about themselves in particular, but this does not stop them at all. At such moments, they just need to feel the support of their loved one.


Capricorn is focused on success in a particular area, due to their need for admiration from others. Capricorns will never forget and will not tolerate disdain or disrespect. Success for them is the easiest way to achieve attention and admiration from others. Their main goal is to be perfect in everything. Only then, in their opinion, will they be able to satisfy their need for recognition and admiration.


The main need for Aquarius is to be accepted as they are. They themselves always accept others, regardless of their distinctive features, and therefore require the same attitude to themselves. They require you to understand and do not want you to try to change them. Aquarias characterize such behavior only as unwillingness to develop and listen to other opinions.


The feeling of boundless love is the main need of Pisces. They need not only to experience it in relation to someone, but also to receive in return. Most of the time, Pisces are in a love-filled, ideal, made-up world and start to panic if he is threatened by a reckless and sometimes cruel reality. At such moments, only infinite and mutual love can alleviate them, capable of dispelling all life.