12 Signs That Your Affordable Clothing Claims Luxury


Perhaps there is nothing worse than spending money on clothes that fall apart the next day. Good quality clothes definitely have to serve you for more than one season, and there are some simple ways to determine if your things are well done or not.

Here are some signs that your clothes are of high quality and durable.

The fabric does not shine through

@ andotherstories Light translucent fabrics in summer clothes are more than acceptable, however, even light fabrics, if they are of high quality, should not shine through. Most often, clothing that shines through will serve you for a very short time. Transparency of the fabric is often a sign of poor quality. This fabric is made from a small amount of fiber, and therefore can quickly wear out and tear. This also applies to silk - through a silk dress of good quality, your underwear will never shine through.

New jeans tight and inelastic

@ andotherstories If you put on a new pair of jeans, and you are not very comfortable in moving them, this is actually a good sign.

High-quality denim is usually a little stiff and inelastic at first due to the greater amount of fibers in the material. Cheaper denim contains less fiber - because of this, it is soft and elastic, but not really durable.

You do not see a gap when you pull the thing at the seams

@ andotherstories More frequent tight seam - stronger and more qualitative. But the rare seam is less durable and risks quickly disintegrating. If you stretch the seam and see the gaps, this is a sign that the clothes are probably poorly designed.

On the shirts there is an additional fabric insert in the shoulder area

@ andotherstories Qualitative shirts with a collar are often equipped with an additional fabric insert between the shoulders. In fact, this is an additional fabric that makes the back of the shirt stronger and protects the area from tension and friction.

The print on the fabric matches in the seam area

@ andotherstories An easy way to evaluate the quality of a thing with a print is to check whether the pattern in the seam area matches. Or does the shirt pocket pattern continue the surrounding print. This is especially true for checkered and striped fabrics.

Since making the print on the seams the same, it takes more time and additional material, many low-quality apparel manufacturers skip this step. A mismatched print, of course, does not mean that the clothes will fall apart, but this may be a hint that the brand was in bad faith about the design of the thing, and therefore this thing is not the best quality.

The hem of your skirt or the bottom edge of the pants "completed"

@ andotherstoriesClothes with "raw" hem, that is, those that have not been treated with additional seams, are more likely to fall apart or look sloppy. Unscrupulous manufacturers often simply cut off the ends of trousers or skirts, leaving the hem unlined, which reduces their service life.

Lightning invisible

@ andotherstories High-quality clothing should be designed in such a way as to minimize the chance of lightning for something to catch and break. Therefore, it is better when the zippers are sewn into the fabric and invisible. Many manufacturers use open zippers because they are cheaper and easier to work with. But high-quality clothing is most often equipped with a zipper hidden under the fabric. It also gives clothes a more solid look.

The label details the information about the material.

@ andotherstories Anything can suffer if it is not properly cared for. Therefore, it is very important to know what the thing is made of and how to handle it. Quality clothing is usually equipped with a label with detailed instructions for the care of the material and a detailed description of its composition and fabric.

Clothes keep their shape after wearing

@ andotherstories Even not elastic fabric should not become shapeless after you put it on. High-quality material usually has a good ability to "recover" after being worn, which means that the fibers come back to retain their shape after stretching.

Included with the item are additional buttons and threads

@andotherstoriesWhen there are extra buttons and a spare thread in the package, this is a good indicator that the manufacturer expects the thing to last for a very long time, and at some point it may require some repairs. Since quality clothing is often more expensive, these repair materials help customers protect their investment.

Everything is sewn, not glued

@ andotherstoriesGlue is a cheap and fast raw material and poor quality method of assembling the product. Therefore, it is preferred by those clothing manufacturers who seek to reduce costs and increase production. High-quality clothing and shoes should not have traces of glue, especially at the junction of different parts of the product - everything should be sealed with tight and strong seams, not glue.

The brand provides an excellent guarantee.

@ andotherstories When a brand believes in the longevity of its products, it is more likely to offer customers a guarantee of quality. Conversely, the company is not profitable to promise compensation for the shirt, which may fall apart within a month. Therefore, the guarantee is a good sign that your product has a long service life ahead. If you really want to be sure that your investment is safe, ask for a written copy of the guarantee before you buy the item.