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Happy without children: the story of a woman who is condemned all around

Among my many acquaintances and friends there are practically no people who are not parents or who do not want to have children. And this is understandable - a completely genetically based desire to give continuation to one's kin.

But here, my friend Nina stands out from all that she has no children and, in principle, she consciously does not want this. No, she is not a childfree and not a detonator who cannot be with the younger generation within a radius of 3 meters. Nina for several years quite successfully lives in a civil marriage with a man, thinks about the future together and with affection looks at her friends, surrounded by children. But she does not want her child and is quite happy and content with her present life.

Nina is asked an infinite number of questions “And when?”, Do round eyes, learning that she does not want to become a mother, speak about a ticking watch and a lonely old age. A friend has long been accustomed to these attacks and practically does not respond to them.

Ninina's philosophy of life is such that she lives exclusively for herself. Even her common-law husband, whom, as she herself says, loves and respects, is always in second place for her, and in the first place Nina herself. What does it mean to live for yourself? This means meeting, first of all, their needs, not making sacrifices and being free from obligations.

Yes, this sounds too selfish, and many condemn this view. But Nina builds a career and confidently earns new promotions, not stopping on the decree, hospital and dashes between work and kindergarten. She will not gain extra 10 kilograms after childbirth, she will not sagging breasts and cellulite does not appear. She will not know what sleepless nights, childhood diseases and moods are. At any time of the day or night, Nina can completely change her plans and leave alone at sea to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. She has time for her own hobbies, money for her whims and, most importantly, Nina does not depend on anyone or on anything and is completely independent of herself.

Many women with children, now cast aside poor Nina with stones and cursed on what the world is worth. But these are the realities of modern life - people increasingly think about themselves and behave too egocentrically. And this is neither bad nor good. This is a personal choice of each person, each woman - to devote themselves to another person, or to build their own destiny, putting only themselves at the head.

I must say that Nina in no way imposes her philosophy on anyone, sincerely rejoices over pregnant girlfriends and understands that motherhood brings so much happiness that outweighs all the difficulties and trials. But she builds her own life as she considers right and true for herself. And, perhaps, she is right, because the main thing is to be in your comfort zone and get pleasure from the little world created by your own hands.